Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin

With the BBC having put out their shortlist for their prestigious, and often clairvoyant, ‘Sound Of 2013’ award, we have a look five singers who we think you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about in the next year.

Gabrielle Aplin

While she’s already powered herself to number one this year, with the little help of a scarf buying snowman, Gabrielle Aplin is a name that’s only going to get bigger and bigger in 2013.

It seems we’re not the only ones to fall in love with her utterly haunting voice, as the 20 year old looks to become one of the biggest new players of 2012 off the back of her debut number one single.

Until now though, she’s found her home on YouTube, collecting a die-hard collection of fans online, with her channel having receiving over 14.5 million views in the last four years. Hopefully she can muster that impressive virtual fanbase and make 2013 her own. If talent was the only factor, Gabrielle has that covered.


In an musical culture that’s really beginning to embrace the smaller, odder and more creative artists, AlunaGeorge are about to capitalise on that new open attitude in the next year.

With a sold out UK tour under their belts and massive praise from critics and musicians alike, AlunaGeorge have made their brand of electronical RnB both sweet on the ear and utterly unique.

The most blogged about artists of 2012, the duo of singer Aluna Francis and music maker George Reid have found themselves on both the BBC’s Sound of 2013 and The Critics Choice lists for this year and only just lost to Rita Ora in the Best Newcomer category at the MOBOs this year.

With their music more layered than a multi-storey car park made of wedding cakes, the London based combo are set to become one of the defining acts of 2013.


The Californian three-piece are hoping to make 2013 a family matter, with the three sisters looking to not only take over LA, but take over the world.

The secret with HAIM is that the trio’s immense multi-instrumentalism means that they can seemingly switch their style and tone on the fly, making themselves fantastically varied and eclectic.

At their very cores though HAIM are a mix between vintage rock and roll and a sweet girl band vocal, an unconvential combination that draws you in and never lets you go.

With plenty of admirers in the musical community already, they’re supporting Florence + The Machine at the moment, HAIM are in good shape for a stellar year.

Tom Odell

The solo male voice on our list, Tom Odell is looking to capitalise on the ‘new Jeff Buckley’ tag that’s recently gotten attached to him and grab 2013 by the horns. On current form, he’s looking more and more certain of doing that.

With just a piano as his primary weapon, it lets Odell’s voice soar, free of complication and lets it’s raw, emotion filled sound take centre stage. The influence of his classical training is clear to see, with his music already lacing in strings and more classical instrumentation when he can.

After being signed to Columbia after only four gigs, there’s a good reason why a lot of buzz growing about the 22 year old Chichester lad.


To describe her as a new Florence Welch would be easy, but her honeyed vocals and timeless delivery make the comparison one that does both artists justice.

She may only just be out of school, but the 19 year old Londoner already has a collaboration with Nas under her belt and Nigel Harding, one of the head honchos at Radio 1 saying that “A Star Is Born” when he heard her tones.

While her debut single isn’t due out until February this year, everything she’s put her name to so far shows that Arlissa’s is a name to keep a very close eye on in the near future.


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