I had a ball writing this list, listening to these women empowerment masterpieces! Here goes my top 10. Cheers!

Des'ree - 'You Gotta Be'

I love the wisdom in this song. It is saying 'get out of victim position, take charge of your destiny, seek, ask, discover yourself, love you for who you are'.

Gloria Gaynor - 'I Will Survive'

Classic; 'I have had it with the BS, I will not be disrespected or cast my pearls to swine! I am worth much more. Another chance. Hail No!'

The Pretenders - 'Brass In Pocket'

Absolute confidence; 'I will make you mine and I know it! 'Cause I'm gonna make you see there's nobody else here, no-one like me. I'm special, so special, gotta have some of your attention. Trust me girlfriend doesn't just win, she conquers, yes!'

Judy Garland - 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

I love the passion, desire and aspiration in this song; 'and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true'. Every dream in life, starts with this kind of longing and pure hope. Guess what? She got to Emerald City! (in more ways than one).

Aretha Franklin - 'Think'

'OK, Warning, Dude! I will not tolerate any misbehaving, shape up or I'll ship you out!' I would not mess with Aretha, she is absolutely no pushover! Freedom is necessary, within or without a relationship.

No Doubt - 'Don't Speak'

I think it takes real secure woman to speak up and say, 'Don't Speak'. We have all been through heartbreak, but Gwen Stefani is saying vulnerability is power. 'I know what you saying, so please stop explaining, don't tell me 'cause it hurts'. The power! 'Just shut up and walk away, even though it hurts, I am not clinging to something that's not good for me. I'll have this one cry and move on. Don't Speak.'

Patty LaBelle - 'New Attitude'

My aerobics classes used to kick butt with this song. There is something so charged about a woman's powerful perogative. When we 'get it' there's no stopping us! 'I'm feeling good from my hat to my shoe, know where I'm going and I know what to do, I've tidied up my point of view, I gotta new attitude!'

Tracey Chapman - 'Fast Car'

I think this is a poignant story, of a woman who has been through a lot of heartache. 'Fast Car' was her dream to fly over the rainbow. But what is empowering in this story is her recognition that the 'Fast Car' was a delusion. In the end she says, 'keep on stepping, courage from deep pain', that's empowerment!

Debbie Sledge - 'Amber's Song'

One of my favourite songs of empowerment is a song my sister Debbie wrote to her daughter Amber. It is a powerful testament to a mother's unfaltering love.

The Staple Sisters - 'Respect Yourself'

What makes this song is the sassy attitude of Mavis Staples singing, 'If you don't respect yourself ain't nobody gonna give a good cahoot na na na ohhh oh, Respect Yourself!' It's not a suggestion, it's a command, made by an empowered woman and her fabulous family. Oh yeah, I can relate to that!

Sister Sledge have recently launched a new brand called "Nothing Is Greater Than Love" which is founded on the principles of love, compassion and trust. 

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