Lady Gaga is facing her biggest crowd of all time this weekend, during the 51st annual Super Bowl and its Half-time Show. Whilst the performer has enjoyed an incredible career through the past decade, nothing has ever been quite as momentous as this weekend’s mega event. Here are five songs we NEED Gaga to have in her setlist, set to debut tomorrow night…

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

5. ‘Just Dance’

It’s the track that propelled her into worldwide stardom, so not including ‘Just Dance’ in some form would be a huge no-no! It’d be a great way to kick off the set, which we’re sure will be taking us through all of Gaga’s various and unique eras.

4. ‘Perfect Illusion’

Whilst it didn’t match the popularity of the singles she had kicked eras off with in the past, ‘Perfect Illusion’ is a bit of a sleeper hit. When it kicks in the goosebumps take hold, so imagining it being given a platform that would see it blasted out on hundreds of speakers is truly exciting.

3. ‘Born This Way’ featuring Madonna and ‘Express Yourself’

The media has pitted these two women against one another for some time, and, to be fair, the pair have done nothing to squash rumours of a feud, instead fanning the flames throughout the years. What better way to stick it to everyone than by bringing the Queen and arguably the New Princess of Pop Music to the biggest stage on the planet? ‘Born This Way’ could be remixed with ‘Express Yourself’, and fans across the globe would likely burst in excitement.

2. ‘Bad Romance’

As one of Gaga’s biggest hits and most iconic music videos, it’d be a crime if the First Lady of Pop left out this career-defining single. There’s not much more you can say about ‘Bad Romance’, other than it’s sure to make a spectacle in the NRG Stadium.

1. ‘Til it Happens to You’

Gaga has promised she won’t be addressing President Trump during the show, but she could subtlety remind the world that there are a majority of people in America and forward-thinking countries that have not only their own best interests at heart, but the interests of other people. Acting as the soundtrack for ‘The Hunting Ground’ which shone a light on the disgusting level of sexual assault in college campuses across the US, this would be a moving, stirring and much-needed performance that would bring the world to a stand-still, if just for a couple of minutes.

The 51st annual Super Bowl takes place tomorrow at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

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