There are a whole host of artists who have joined together to make magic in the studio, but what about those who we all hope to see join together but have never quite got around to providing the goods?

Here are five collaborations between ten artists we'd like to see happen.

Lady Gaga and Britney Spears

They've hinted at working together time and time again, but nothing has ever come to fruition between two of the biggest names in pop music history. They're on good terms with one another, and so a collaboration could be right around the corner, but we'd prefer it sooner rather than later, with a heavy beat and slick vocals.

Adam Lambert and Lily Allen

Adam praised Lily this past weekend on Twitter for her song 'Air Balloon' and said her lyrics were "hilarious". The pair should get together for a writing session before he goes on tour with Queen and release a shocking duet that nobody would see coming.

Adele and Christina Aguilera

Two powerhouse vocalists that have the ability to sing at the same level would make for one hell of a collab. So long as the two didn't get ahead of themselves and try to sing over and above one another, they could infuse their voices together and come up with something really special.

Eminem and Beyonce

He's done multiple collaborations with Rihanna, so we think it's about time he gave Beyonce some of his attention, especially with the new direction her music seems to have taken with her recent self-titled studio album. Something similar to 'Stan' would be perfect, with rap verses, a stunning Beyoncé ballad chorus and a surprise bridge when Bey brings out her Yoncé side.

Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue

Why this has never happened is beyond explanation. The two are sisters, both singers yet have never laid their vocals down on a track together. It'd send the industry into a meltdown quite surely - would fans even be able to handle such a momentous move?

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