Arrogant kid, prankster, a guy caught up in fame or something else altogether? Whatever the case may be, Justin Bieber is never failing to make the headlines, whether it be for good or bad reasons.

Described (mostly) lovingly by fans as a 'savage', we decided to look for some of his most awkward, cringetastic moments and share them all here with you! Enjoy...

1) When he taught fans how to clap

2) Not once but twice

3) When he threw fans' gifts out of his car window

4) When he kicked a gift thrown on stage right back off again

5) When he refused to give this girl a hug

6) When he neglected one side of his audience

7) When he pushed Desiigner off stage during his performance

8) When he refused hugs and told people they should have bought tickets to his show

9) When he imitated a journalist's unique laugh

10) When he destroyed Post Malone's dressing room

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