Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

If there's anything that RuPaul's Drag Race has taught me, it's that Paula Abdul had some bops when she was in her prime.

'Straight Up', 'Vibeology' and 'Cold Hearted' are just three of her tunes that will have you grooving if you give them the chance, and as also proven by Drag Race, they're the perfect choices to lip-sync to once you've learned the lyrics.

Paula was in many ways one of the original pop divas. Call me ignorant, but when I saw her sitting on the panel of American Idol from a young age I'd immediately written her off. My naivety at the time led me to believe she perhaps had one hit and was then simply a friend of Simon Cowell who got lucky.

How wrong I was. She has six Billboard Hot 100 number 1s to her name, her music still sounds fresh today, and it manages to hold a certain charm about it without being overbearing. She was a woman ahead of her time.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of her voice, her dance moves were more than impressive. Her choreography was continually on point and spending an hour or three pouring through her catalogue of material is definitely time well spent.

Now her career may be more judging panels than smash hit singles - her latest chosen path being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia which started this February, and of course guest judging RuPaul's Drag Race earlier this month - and so we can't help but hope she'll get back in the studio sooner rather than later to lay down some vocals once more.

"Go Paula, Go Paula, Go, Go, Go Paula!"

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