Ever since it was announced that Take That would be getting back together, there has been an influx of boybands in the music industry.

One Direction and The Wanted were the first big contenders to emerge, and have been joined by Lawson, Union J and more recently, Kingsland Road and Rixton.

With scores of fans - predominantly teenage girls - the groups see success on a scale that's unrivalled by a lot of other artists in the business.

With their adoration though, comes a wave of abuse from critics and 'music snobs' who deem their taste to be far too superior to even give them a chance. The issue there is, is that if they took the time to listen to a song such as 'Show Me Love (America)' by The Wanted, or Lawson's 'Juliet', they'd realise just how talented some of these groups are.

Of course, this revival has seen the return of bands including Five, NSync and Boyzone who all hope their fans will remain as loyal as Gary, Robbie, Mark, Jason and Howard's as they go about reigniting their group career.

While not everyone is as lucky the second, third or fourth time around, there has to be something said for those who prevail. You may not like the One Direction boys, the cheeky Rixton fellas or the cheesy Kingsland Road performances, but you should definitely respect them for paving their way in such a difficult industry.

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