Prince is an icon of the music business. Nobody can dispute that. His music will live on forevermore and he'll continuously inspire people and fellow artists despite his untimely passing a little earlier this year.

'Purple Rain'

'Purple Rain'

Though it's a sad thought, his death did send his albums soaring straight back into the charts and, it was at that moment that I realised I had never listened to the 'Purple Rain' album in its entirety EVER. Shameful for sure, so I had a listen. Here are the thoughts I had whilst experiencing my first 'Purple Rain' playthrough:

  1. Track 1 - 'Let's Go Crazy' - Well OK!
  2. Prince is already taking us to CHURCH.
  3. That's a sexy beat despite the creaking noise.
  4. My toes are tapping along.
  5. Backing vocals took me by surprise, kinda creepy!
  6. How have I never heard this song before? I bet it was amazing to see and hear on tour.
  7. That guitar ending! Otherworldly.
  8. Track 2 - 'Take Me With U' - Reminds me of CATS the Musical with its opening!
  9. This all sounds very magical. Like a transformation is taking place.
  10. Onto 'The Beautiful Ones'.
  11. Goosebumps! Gorgeous opening vocals.
  12. I remember Beyoncé covering this. She was good. Prince is better.
  13. Why can't popstars today release music like this?
  14. He properly tells a story. He's not just singing for the sake of it. There's great narrative here.
  15. Those screeches are as powerful as I've ever heard. Real passion!
  16. I want this song at my wedding or funeral or both. It's perfect.
  17. 'Computer Blue' - Who are Wendy and Lisa? Maybe I should watch the movie next...
  18. The experimentation in this record already puts so many others to shame.
  19. I feel like I'm being immersed in a video game.
  20. There are musicians and there are ARTISTS. It's clear which category Prince falls into.
  21. 'Darling Nikki' would be the first song on this second 'side' of the record.
  22. Nikki's a sex fiend? She sounds like my kinda gal.
  23. That sounds creepy. I meant in a non-creepy, friendship way.
  24. Nikki sounds like an absolute legend. I bet she'd be good on Geordie Shore.
  25. Those little 'ah ah ahs' at the end sound like the 'mine mine mine' gulls from Finding Nemo.
  26. Back to church we go. Love a bit of gospel.
  27. 'When Doves Cry'! A personal favourite.
  28. I wonder if my colleagues would judge me for the office chair dancing I wanna do right now...
  29. 'Yeeeee!' I always sound spot on when I sing along in the car. I've recorded and listened to myself back. Not at all good.
  30. I wish I could play an instrument. Or sing. Or both. Or all the instruments like Prince.
  31. I'm so untalented :(
  32. Is that violin? I'm L-I-V-I-N-G!
  33. Why did I never notice that before? I bet radio cuts it off...
  34. 'I Would Die 4 U' sounds familiar...
  35. I love this song's structure.
  36. It's great how any of these songs could be released today and race up the charts. Longevity in spades.
  37. 'Baby I'm A Star' - Baby, yes you are.
  38. What an intro. It's like the encore of a musical on Broadway.
  39. I bet everybody wishes they could wail like Prince. Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World especially.
  40. 'Purple Rain' - Goosebumps everywhere already.
  41. At just under 9 minutes this song was always a risk. It could go for 90 and I don't think anybody would complain.
  42. Pretty much mind speechless. Is that a thing?
  43. Beautiful in every single way. Lyrically, instrumentally... Just gorgeous. Fantastic. Iconic. Legendary. Prince.

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