Taking a look at the good and the bad music to come from this year, it's almost difficult to decide just 10 songs that have been played far too much on the radio and gone on to become some of the most overrated not just of the year, but of the decade.

10) Nicki Minaj - 'Anaconda'

Probably the worst track off of her new offering 'The Pinkprint', but perhaps the most catchy. Nicki Minaj is a force to be reckoned with but this song did her no favours if she's looking to go back to her hip-hop/rap roots.

9) Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - 'I Don't Care'

Maybe if Cheryl did care, she'd put a bit more effort into releasing a single that actually held some ground. There's interesting ones on her album but her label don't seem confident enough in her that she could release a new ballad, with meaning, and send it to the top of the charts.

8) Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Tinie Tempah - 'Crazy Stupid Love'

And here she is again. Both of Cheryl's chart-topping singles have this year left me frosty. This one's a little bit of fun, sure, but is it worthy of pushing her to the top of the charts yet again? Absolutely not.

7) Ed Sheeran - 'Sing'

The chorus for 'Sing' has just never sounded in-tune for me. The 'oh woah woah-oh-ohs!' send me insane because they just don't hit me with the pitch I'm expecting. Don't get me wrong, Ed is in a league of its own when it comes to his talent, but this just wasn't the song for him in my eyes.

6) Magic! - 'Rude'

This is one that actually annoyed me! The whole premise of the song is wrong. If a man says you're not good enough for his daughter you should ultimately respect that rather than driving a wedge between the family and simply saying you're "gonna marry her anyway" - talk through your issues and prove you're the right man for his little Princess!

5) DJ Snake and Lil Jon - 'Turn Down For What'

Sure it gets us going when we're in the clubs, but is this song really worthy of such praise? Definitely not. It's shouty, over the top and likely didn't take too much work to put together. One that's haunted me since its release.

4) Lana Del Rey - 'West Coast'

Comparisons to Stevie Nicks are without solid ground, and Lana has some way to go before she can truly reach that level. The track's dull and at times forgettable, with Lana's monotonous and dreary tone failing to impress.

3) will.i.am and Cody Wise - 'It's My Birthday'

Intensely catchy it sticks in your head and you'll be begging to hear something different anytime it comes on the radio. It's one of those that you'll just about forget before it rears its ugly head once more.

2) Meghan Trainor - 'All About That Bass'

Skinny shaming or not, Meghan Trainor is the definition of an artist who's destined to have a single hit and disappear for good. Her live performances are lacklustre and the song has zero sweet spots. It's a celebration of women with a curvier frame, that's all very well and good, but when shady shots are taken towards those with a slimmer build it loses all credibility.

1) Pharrell Williams - 'Happy'

A song has never left me more infuriated if I'm honest, which is ironic when you look at the title. It was something that snuck up on me slowly, and likely the result of being overplayed to the extreme on radio stations across the world. Pharrell is great at embedded a tune in your mind forevermore, and I'm worried this one's going to be with me until my dying day.

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