After counting down from 10 to 2, we can now officially reveal our favourite album of the year!




Years & Years - 'Communion'

In reviewing our initial review of this record, we say that some of the songs on 'Communion' sound a little similar to what is already out there, and looking back we feel that was a little harsh on Britain's dynamic electronic trio.

Marrying inner demons and thoughtful lyrics with the electronic and radio-friendly pop beats throughout the LP, this is a relatable and exciting offering from some of the most intense yet accessible artists to breakout into the mainstream scene in the past couple of years.

Lead Olly is a singer with not just an infectious personality, but vocals to make you tingle and timing to ensure you'll be singing along before long. His talent weaves between all of the songs on the record and, paired with the abilities of his two fellow artists, Years & Years prove exactly why they're becoming household names.

Incredibly in touch with their audience and unafraid to push against any barriers that could have prevented them from allowing their voices to be heard perhaps even as soon as a decade ago, 'Communion' is the perfect introduction to a group of three people all willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Delivery is confident throughout and experimentation has led to innovative results. The record fails to ever lose replayability meaning it can be revisited countless times and never feel old. In a decade, it wouldn't be surprising if people looked back and named this as one of the most exciting records of the 2010s.

Our top 10 albums of 2015:

10) Muse - 'Drones'

9) Florence + The Machine - 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'

8) Elle King - 'Love Stuff'

7) Little Mix - 'Get Weird'

6) Adam Lambert - 'The Original High'

5) The Weeknd - 'Beauty Behind The Madness'

4) Kendrick Lamar - 'To Pimp A Butterfly'

3) Duran Duran - 'Paper Gods'

2) Adele - 'Hello'

1) Years & Years - 'Communion'

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