2015 has been a good year for music. New artists have broken out into the spotlight, whilst surprise returnees have made their impact. Records have been broken, stars have been made and some of the best albums for some time have dropped. Here, we break down the lower half of our top 10 albums list - let us know what you think of the choices and your pick for best albums of 2015 in the comments section below!

10) Muse - 'Drones'

For many, 'Drones' is the album which sees Muse return to their original style and the one they do best. After expanding upon everything they've done in the past with different directions in their career - some successful and some not so much - this is the closest thing we've heard to the original Muse music that we all fell in love with.

But it's beyond the voices that this record really begins to shine. The concept of modern warfare and the obliteration of conscience and morals hits a little too close for comfort. For being so brave the group have to be applauded.

9) Florence + The Machine - 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'

As one of the most recognisable British vocals of the modern day, Florence Welch has stunned and startled audiences since her debut with Florence + The Machine. She's not your typical pop diva, instead paving a path for those who wish to blend art within their performance. Refusing to follow any certain rhythm or sense of pacing, she instead mesmerises through welcome confusion.

Independent and capable of holding her own, Welch is part of a machine, for sure, but not the industry's that churns out the same four notes to score a hit. She refuses that, instead opting to go down her own route, and I'm thankful for it.

8) Elle King - 'Love Stuff'

Elle is someone I was only very recently introduced to, but her sound and raw emotion present through each of her songs on 2015 record 'Love Stuff' is something I was able to instantly fall in love with.

Comparisons to Janis Joplin aren't unfounded, but there's a unique style to Elle's vocal performance that is also to be appreciated. As her debut, this is one of the most impressive breakthroughs of the year and in the months and years to come, Elle should be cropping up in more and more places.

In the album she sings that she's not 'America's sweetheart', and I think being a little unconventional and breaking the mould is far more important than living up to expected standards. She does that in spades.

7) Little Mix - 'Get Weird'

Perhaps the biggest girlband in the UK, if not on the planet right now, Little Mix had a lot to prove with their third album 'Get Weird'. They had to show that they had longevity as an act coming off an X Factor win which was just under three years back, and fortunately through self-reinvention, sheer determination and experimentation with their sound, they've continued to dominate the airwaves and charts.

Heavy on the pop side of things, 'Get Weird' isn't just a record for those who enjoy a typical slice of exactly what a girlband offers. The album's standout, 'Secret Love Song', is a beautiful ballad where each of the girls (along with a guest feature from Jason Derulo) allow one another to take centre-stage and show off their incredible vocal talent. They're not run-of-the-mill popstars who need autotune at every corner they come to - they really can sing.

There will be those who deny Little Mix the praise they deserve simply because of where they've come from and the genre they sit in. Personally, I'm not one of those people, and I think this is just the beginning for a group of four girls whose success will only grow as the months pass by.

6) Adam Lambert - 'The Original High'

'The Original High' was a long time coming. After the brilliance that was 2012 release 'Trespassing', fans were chomping at the bit for another chance to hear some new music from Adam.

Spending much of his time between albums as the frontman for Queen, Adam opened himself up to a wider range of listeners than ever before, landing him the perfect platform to release a collection of new songs. Though I feel he still doesn't get the mainstream attention he deserves and needs to propel him to the next stage of his career, there's no denying he puts in the effort and delivers something stellar.

Teaming up with producers Max Martin and Shellback, Adam ensured that 'The Original High' threw forward a series of experimental songs that sounded nothing like he had ever presented before.

Adam continues to blend genres rather than conforming to boundaries set by artists of times past. He's a wizard when it comes to creating catchy and infectious tunes, and I for one cannot wait to see just where he takes things next.

Check back tomorrow to find out who made positions 5-3 in our list, as we continue our countdown of the best albums of 2015!

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