The music video for Band Aid 30's take on the Christmas charity classic 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' has been revealed, after premiering exclusively on last night's X Factor results show.

After a heartfelt speech from Sir Bob Geldof, the video played to a standing ovation and went on-sale at 8am this morning.

"This is hardcore to allow X Factor nation to watch this." said Sir Bob.

Speaking of Ebola, which funds raised from the track are to go towards fighting, he explained: "This is the most anti-human disease. We can stop it. We will stop it. We will support those immensely brave NHS workers, those young soldiers who volunteer..."

He went on to add: "all of you - this is a track about us, it could be here. Buy this thing. Don't get it free. Buy five, buy ten. It's a great track. Wait till you see this."

"8am tomorrow X Factor nation we go to war. Buy this song."

It took just seconds for #BandAid30 to trend on Twitter, with mixed reactions from viewers but an outpouring of admiration for the cause.

'Do They Know It's Christmas?' is available to download now.

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