The Wolfnotes

The Wolfnotes

Back with renewed vigour, Kurran & The Wolfnotes are now known simply as The Wolfnotes and have announced that their long-awaited debut album will be released in November!

Together with Pledge Music, The Wolfnotes are taking music back to basics and - more importantly - back to the people that matter.

All those that pledge will not only be able to get their hands on exclusive content and updates, but will also get an immediate download of ‘Static Bleed’, an 8-track EP that features new recordings and old favourites. The new album will be available to Pledgers only on November 18th, and wider release details will follow shortly.

Releasing the album via Pledge has put The Wolfnotes back in control of their music and their relationship with their fans.

Keen to interact with them as much as possible, the band will be sending out footage of them rehearsing and recording the album to their fans and Pledgers each Friday to show not only where their money is going, but also to give them that extra something special.

The first update from frontman Kurran Karbal thanked the fans, and he expressed his genuine excitement to be approaching the album’s release in this way:

"I feel renewed by the process already. And when I saw the rest of the band for rehearsal on Sunday I could see it had hit them too.

"It’s reminded us of the real rewards you get from this bizarre job. Something as small as a few tweets from you guys saying you like the EP and stuff, that’s what it’s all about!

"And I don’t mean praise or the money, I just mean the interaction. To create and to share! And now there is no middle man in between us."