Hampshire quintet, Natives, are back with 'Stand For Something', the lead track from their new EP of the same name. The EP released on May 27th features the following tracks:

1. Stand For Something
2. Hate, Fix, Hope
3. Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People cover)
4. Stand For Something (Egypt Lane Version)

Speaking about 'Stand For Something' and it's accompanying video, singer Jim Thomas says, "the song is about moving from a dark place to somewhere more positive, it's about finding a purpose and fighting for it.

"Our band has always felt a sense of community with The Tribe (our fans) and sometimes having that sense of belonging can help when you're going through a tough time.

"For this reason we decided to involve The Tribe in the video as we think the fans are as big a part of Natives as we are.

"It was great fun and hopefully it's not the last time we get to do something like this."