Life in Film

Life in Film

Life in Film are London four-piece Samuel Fry, Micky Osment, Edward Ibbotson and Dominic Sennétt. They are set to release their debut Sony Music single Cold Wire on January 28th 2013.

Having self-released the EP ‘Pins & Needles’ towards the end of 2012, recent Sony signings Life In Film will be releasing the first single off their forthcoming Stephen Street produced debut album as a download and on 7" vinyl.

A. Cold Wire / B. Changing Your Mind

The lead track is all shuffling, shifting rhythms, layered, sophisticated guitar jangles and yearning, beautiful melodies.

And Cold Wire has already been made Zane Lowe’s NEXT HYPE on Radio 1. The band’s singer Samuel Fry describes Cold Wire as follows: ‘The lyrics are about things being out of control.

About waiting for your destiny to be shaped in some way, by some outside force but all the while trying unsuccessfully to take charge of life by doing all the wrong things that only make life more difficult.’

Life In Film find themselves, as 2012 draws to a close, with a huge number of great songs recorded and ready to go.

Soon there will be a full album, and with it an endless succession of gigs to follow their October tour. For now, there is the Cold Wire single, and the Needles & Pins EP that showcases what is so engaging about this band.