Marmaduke Duke, the self-created surreal musical world of enigmatic Scottish duo The Atmosphere and The Dragon, two frontmen better known as Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro and JP Reid of Sucioperro, will release the single ‘Rubber Lover’ through 14th Floor Records on 20 April.

Marmaduke Duke

Marmaduke Duke

‘Rubber Lover’ follows on from the single ‘Kid Gloves’ released in March and is taken from Marmaduke Duke’s forthcoming second album Duke Pandemonium, released on 4 May.

Using a sample from a Billy Joel classic, ‘Rubber Lover’ sees Marmaduke Duke display the best of their uniquely provocative and twisted dirty-pop. With full utilisation of the biggest pop hook of the year, this is a song for dancing and debauchery. A love song for a prosthetic doll has never sounded so good.

The 16th Century Duke, inspired by a trilogy of unfinished books written by a Portuguese man befriended by the Scottish duo, is perceived by The Atmosphere and The Dragon – the Duke’s henchmen - as a wandering soul, a personification of man’s most primitive and often under-explored impulses, and Duke Pandemonium is the Duke's vision of a hedonistic and aberrant disco-party.

In the debut album The Magnificent Duke, The Duke charted his slow descent into psychosis as represented by three differing musical suites– larynx-shredding rock, head-mashing ambient and heart-melting acoustic. In Duke Pandemonium, we see a change in the duke: The Duke is back and is ready for a party fuelled with decadence, deviance and dancing.

Marmaduke Duke recently completed an intimate 6-date tour of the UK, channelling the spirit of The Duke through anarchic shows while dressed in full 16th Century gent attire of capes, top hats, masks and canes.