Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush

Ahead of their Manchester show, Big Time Rush members James and Carlos chat to us about the band.

Are you excited to be heading back to the UK?
James: We are excited to be here because it is a whole different world to the US. It is cool to experience the fans here because they are completely different.

The culture is also different here and the way people do things, for example beans for breakfast – that is weird! This morning I had beans on toasts with Canadian bacon, which is different from our bacon.
Carlos: I had the weirdest French toast this morning – it was like a cake with no syrup and strawberries. I think the more we come back here the more we feel comfortable here. Also we are getting to see more parts of the UK each time we come.
James: I went to the West End in London last night to the theatre and got to go for a really good dinner. It is just like anywhere else you go, the more you get to know a place, the more comfortable we are, the more people you met and we’ve establish our UK team/family now.
How was your London gig in April?
Carlos: That gig was awesome!

James: One of the best shows we have ever done.
Carlos: The energy was just incredible. That venue was awesome. I heard The Beetles played there. That is cool that we got to play where they did.
Are you pleased with the success so far for your debut album?
James: It only came out today, so I have no idea how well it is doing. It did really well in the US. Without any radio play and for a new artist, it did incredibly well, it was awesome.
What can fans expect from it?
James: There is something for everyone. A lot of the fans will already know the songs from the show, but we do have some bonus tracks.
Carlos: There is a special poster in there, and from a competition we ran we have put names of the fans on there.
James: There are four members in this band so there are a lot of different songs and genres in there. Til I Forget About You is much more rock/pop, Worldwide is much more r ‘n’ b/pop.
Carlos: We are already working on the second album.
Are you finding it hard balancing the show and the music side of it?
Carlos: It was hard at first, but at the moment we are away from the show now so it is hard balancing the music.
James: It was hard doing them both together, because while shooting the show we work five days on it and then we only have two days for everything else - when actually you need five to do both.

It is like having two full time jobs, three when you include the dancing and chorography. Then there’s stuff like interviews and other necessities of the job.

When we are not filming full-time the show it is easier to concentrate on the music. However, there are always new things that are coming up, it is always fun and it is always a challenge.
What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
Carlos: We are shooting a film in Vancouver for six weeks in the autumn and are touring for the rest of the summer. And we are planning a trip together in the Summer.

We just went on a vacation together, because as well as working together we are all best friends. So we had a great time, we went to an island for a week and it was so relaxing.
James: It was the first vacation I have been on in six years. We don’t normally have time.
Carlos: We had a few days to let loose from work

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