Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums

After releasing Pickin' Up The Pieces last week, and getting attention for single 'Moneygrabber', Fitz and the Tantrums chatted to us about the band, the album and supporting Maroon 5.

-Are you glad that 'Moneygrabber' is finally out?
I've been eagerly awaiting for this day to arrive! We're very excited about 'Moneygrabber' and the album Pickin' Up The Pieces coming out in the UK. We've already been getting great feedback from Radio 2 and Q Radio and are looking forward to playing V Festival!

-What can people expect from the album?
People can expect songs that make you want to dance and lyrics that make you want to punch someone.

-The band have come a long way in 18 months. Would you ever have expected it to happen this quickly?
No, somedays I am still in shock at everything that's happened for us. At the same time I've been working for many years trying to be the best musician I can possibly be so its extremely rewarding that it finally paying off. 

-What do you think is the reason you're getting so much attention?
We really took the time to make sure every song on the album was great. The music came out of a lot of pain and sadness and a desperate need to express myself and I think that people are responding to that. We've managed to have tons of success in the States by putting on one of the best live shows around.

-How was it supporting Maroon 5?
It was one of our first big breaks and such an honour to be recognized by such a successful band. It gave us a huge opportunity to play in front of tons of new people. One special night I turned around on stage and there were 4,000 people with their lighters and cell phones up during one of our slower songs. It was magical!

-How did the band come together?
I was heartbroken and needed to pour my heart into something. Ironically my ex girlfriend called and said a neighbour was selling an old church organ and I immediately said yes!

I moved the organ into my house and started playing around and wrote the first song for the band - 'Breakin The Chains of Love'. I called on my college friend James King to help.

I said I wanted a great female singer to compliment the tracks and he introduced me to Noelle Scaggs. From there it was 5 phone calls and here we are!

-Who are your influences?
All the soul greats like Al Green, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin to Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and Daft Punk.

-How does it feel to have fans like Kings of Leon and Dave Grohl?
I think its important for any musician to have the respect of fellow artists. When I saw the video clip by the guys in Kings Of Leon dancing in their hotel to 'Moneygrabber' it was a real kick!

-What do you have planned once the album's out?
To conquer the UK and bring our live show across the pond.

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