Her debut album Hot is about to be released in the UK, two years after it was released in some areas of Europe. Inna chats to us about the music industry in Romania, her music and plans for the rest of the year.

-Are you glad that the album has finally been released in the UK?
Yes, I’m very happy, very glad. I found out that it’s Number 6 on iTunes and number one in the Dance (charts), and that’s very cool for me!

-I had seen on Twitter that it did well in the iTunes chart. How does that feel after it took so long to be released here?
It’s great. Actually, the UK is a very important market, which is a leader in Europe.

-Is it strange only just releasing Hot here, when I Am The Club Rocker is coming out next month elsewhere?
It is a bit strange, but this is the way it’s happened since the beginning. The singles have been coming out in order. I’m sure that people in the UK are going to love the Club Rocker piece, which I really love.

-When can fans in the UK actually expect the second album?
Very, very soon! I’m working on it right now, constantly. It’s going to be soon.

-Even without the debut album being released you’ve had a lot of chart success. Do you think albums are becoming outdated and singles are the best way to promote yourself as an artist?
It is very important to have albums, and even when the first one leaked I was very happy about it. I’m going to be even happier when the second one is released, and third one, and the fifth one!

-Fans over here will have heard your singles, but what can they expect from the album?
The album’s going to be quite dance, there’s going to be a lot of stuff on it. I know that by winter time I’m going to be releasing two more singles from this album.

-Ah, okay. For someone who maybe wasn’t familiar with your work, how would you describe it?
My music is basic, you can relate to it. When you hear it in the clubs, you’ll love to dance to it.

-I read online that Romania doesn’t have an official music chart. What is the music industry like over there?
My first single, Hot, was produced and then released directly on YouTube. In Romania, nobody buys music anymore.

It’s basically a black market. The first time I ever heard someone buying my tracks, it was in the UK! Now, Germany’s going well, and Europe, where I’m selling well.

-Did you find it hard working your way up the music business, with music piracy being quite present there?
It was really difficult, but I would see that I had a few million fans on YouTube and Facebook. It was really hard, especially because I come from a really poor country.

-You’re an activist with a few charities and organisations, including UNICEF. What is it about that organisation which makes you want to support it?
It was by chance that I supported UNICEF. I really think that from now on I’m going to support it more.

-What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’m looking forward for Club Rocker to come out in the UK. We’re looking forward to the video, and we know it’s going to be really good. We can’t wait for it to come out. I’m actually planning to move to London for a while.

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