Jedward chat about their new album and 'cool' Barack Obama

Jedward chat about their new album and 'cool' Barack Obama

Following on from their successful, if not controversial time on the X Factor in 2009, John and Edward Grimes' music career has gone from strength to strength seeing them take on Europe this year for the Eurovision, coming a respectable eighth and releasing their second album Victory on 15 August.

"We've had a crazy year. It so cool me and John have got a second album and everyone who thought that we'd be gone in a year: In your face!" Edward starts.

"We wanted every single track to be different, because sometimes you can get lost in an album. Every single song on our album is a potential single, we have no album fillers and every song is amazing. We can't wait for you to hear it, everyone says that their album is amazing, but ours is."

As well as promoting their new album which includes the Eurovision hit Lipstick and their second single Bad Behaviour the boys have also had some guest help for a track.

"On the new album we work with JLS, the song's called Wow Wow," the boys explain.

"XFactor was the birth of Jedward."

Although Jedward didn't win Eurovision, they did beat the UK and have a huge following all across Europe.

"It was really cool to represent Ireland because everyone got behind us, there was a massive team spirit because we all came together and we were their team leaders."

Edward enthuses: "We would have loved to have won it and I know we didn't but it's about making a really big impact and me and John did that. When we went to the different countries people say 'Jedward, the crazy twins!' It's like are we crazy or are we cool?

It's a non-stop summer for John and Edward who have a carnival tour planned for August and September. It will take the twins to Germany, Sweden and the UK - bringing their energetic stage presence and personalities to the fans that have taken them into their hearts.

Though they have already achieved so much, the boys are not complacent: "Well we still have loads left to accomplish - we want more. We need to get better and we will."

Despite the bad press they received from their time on the X Factor, Jedward don't regret the decision to go on the hit talent show.

"I think it was really great to go on XFactor. It's the main and biggest thing that we did ever - it made us. Everything that has happened to us since then has been because of the X Factor. We're really forward to the next series this year well Kelly and Tulisa.

"XFactor was the birth of Jedward."

And what advice would the twins give young hopefuls wanting to make it in the same way they have?

"Be yourself. Be totally different. But don't wear a white T-shirt because it'll be too much competition for Simon Cowell.

"Try to imagine yourself as a popstar not as a TV star. Don't be the prescribed answer saying 'I'm so nervous' or 'this is for my family' get out on the stage and do something different," Jedward continue.

Their style is a hot topic among many of their fans and critics. Jedward say that they like to wear blazers as they make them feel like popstars.

"I think Justin Timberlake started us on wearing suits and Avril Lavigne wears a lot of ties which is cool. We love Lady Gaga too, she made everyone go crazy."

Jedward love meeting new people. They refer to everyone as cool, from Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas to Barack Obama, who is cool 'with power'.

"It's pretty cool meeting celebrities as it's all access - nobody stops you, because you're famous too!"

Jedward’s new album Victory is released on August 15 in the UK.

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