If there is one outlet that has never shown any prejudice, it would be music. It embraces all walks of life, all ages and sex and race are never differentiated between when it comes to sound. With an already blossoming career to her credit, Baltimore’s newest star is ready to face off against the established and the mighty with her refreshing sound. Rye Rye has toured extensively with M.I.A and in this interview gives us a heads up as to how inspiring that has been. She may only be 17, but one thing for sure is this teenage sensation is ready to step up and savor every moment the spotlight shines down on her. Refreshing and revitalizing, you can guarantee that Rye Rye will have fans from one side of the world to the other ‘shaking it to the ground.’

Was the music industry something you always wanted to be a part of and why?

I always wanted to be a part of the industry because I felt as though I could be doing what I was seeing others do. I was good at the same thing and I honestly felt there was potential there. I love performing, singing, dancing, all of that and I felt that given the opportunity I would destroy it.

Did you expect to become such a hit so soon in your career?

I really didn’t expect it to happen quite as fast as it did you know, but the fact that it did make me feel really good about myself and what I am doing. The success so far just keeps me striving because I know it will just keep getting better and better.

But then I wouldn’t have doubted myself either as `I am not about failure, being a success is what I am about.

You have been featured on the Perez Hilton site with your track Shake it to the Ground, how did he hear of you?

I really have no idea how he heard of me (laughs) I guess he just heard of me through some fans and so because of that he featured me on his site. That gave me a great amount of exposure, so I have to say thanks to Perez for that, as it was awesome.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to be able to go out and dance, just have a good time when they hear my music. It is about having fun and enjoying yourself and just being able to wild out.

DC is known for its go-go sounds, do you feel that you might become stereotyped as a local star as opposed to a national celebrity?

Well some people might look at it that way, but then at the end of the day everyone has their own sounds and because of that `I might not.

At the end of the day though it is all music and the point is to spread it so everyone can hear it. What I am doing might be seen as a home town thing, don’t get me wrong, I like Go-Go and have heard it on the local DC channels which made me think they were local stars, but only until I heard it in other areas. I am looking to be that national celebrity though.

You have toured extensively with M.I.A, how has that been?

Touring has been amazing and a whole lot of fun. Of course it was tiring as well but a great experience too, all at once (Laughs) I think being out on the road period strengthened me as a performer but then watching and learning from another performer who has been in the game longer than me and knows exactly how to please a crowd gave me a serious amount of insight to what is expected by the fans. I loved being out on the road and can’t wait to get with my fans again.

How do you feel personally about the music scene today?

There is both good music and then there is some dumb music around right now, but that is always the same.

I do think there is room for something totally new, you know a different sound and I think that is why people might move to my music as I am bringing a whole new sound for them to appreciate and enjoy. But there has to be balance you know.

Does writing come easy for you?

When I am in the studio, writing comes so easy, but then when I am at home I get so distracted. Its like when I am looking to get up out of the studio and they are playing the beat over and over again writing comes really easy. So yeah it does come easy but then there are times when it comes easier than ever (laughs.)

What does it take for a producer to get the attention of Rye Rye?

A hard beat or just a beat that I know people will feel or enjoy dancing too. It is just like something clicks on when I hear a beat that I know is different or something I can work with. When I hear that, trust me I am on it.

Who are you hoping to work with?

I am hoping to work with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Rhianna and Jay Z. I would also like to work with a Disney Channel artist as well just to catch the kid’s attention, because we all know they love them some Disney artists.

Of course I want to work with artists that can dance so in saying that I have to say that Ciara is someone I really want to work with, as that girl have moves. Not forgetting Ms. Missy Elliot of course as I think her videos are crazy.

But no matter what it would have to be Michael Jackson who I would always want to work with, he is amazing. Just one chance to work with him and I would kill it.

What is the future for you?

The future is being respected by fans all around the world. I do foresee a bright future because I am here to give the people what they want.

I also love kids too so I want to be involved with kids in some way too. So basically a big star but still a lovable person that people can relate too. It’s a case of get familiar or get lost (laughs.)

Melanie Cornish