Yeah, that too is just crazy. British bands hardly get to play that thing so we're very honored. It should be cool, we've heard very mixed impressions but it's our first time so it'll definitely be an experience, good or bad.
Are you looking forward to seeing anyone else on that tour?

Yeah I'm looking forward to Against Me!, Lucero, Menzingers, Blacklist Royals, The Aggrolites, The Exposed. Definitely a few more too but I can't remember. I've only seen Against Me! out of those before so I can't wait.

- Are there any plans for a follow-up to The Joys of Living?

There's a loose plan scheduled that we'll be recording just a couple of weeks after the Reading and Leeds weekend. It's not booked so I don't want to announce, but it's looking like we'll be coming back to the US to record.

We've written most of the songs and demoed a whole lot before we came on this tour so we're well prepared. But this will be our first official full length record which we're all very excited for.

- Have you got any plans over summer besides the Warped Tour?

Warped takes up most of our summer but actually before we return to the UK, we're doing the Summer Sonic festival in Japan. So we fly from California to Japan and Japan to home. It's pretty hectic for a little band like Sharks, but it's good for us I think. If we can get through this we can get through anything.

- Are you noticing a difference between playing in the US, rather than back in the UK?

UK crowds are always extremely cold and miserable. Everyone here just seems to be down for anything. We've been having some of the best reactions we've seen and the biggest in merch sales too.

I am looking forward to returning home though, hopefully people will realize that they can't live without us after having been away so long.

- How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t necessarily heard of you yet?

A fresh rock and roll sound reminiscent of the British punk explosion with a modern pop tint. Punk that your Mum would like basically.

- What’s next for Sharks?

We're going to Canada for the first time after this Social Distortion run, then it's Warped Tour, Japan, Reading Festival, record a record, and then when we come home we're actually planning on doing a headline tour in the UK before the year is up.

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