As one of the most exciting and fresh new talents on the scene, Alexa Goddard may not be as new a name to some as you might expect. Gaining a major fanbase whilst working independently on her YouTube channel, Alexa soared into the charts with her cover of 'Turn My Swag On' and it then didn't take long for Roc Nation executives to decide they wanted her onboard.

In a new and exclusive interview we chat to Alexa about her passion for music, what it's like to be signed to a major label, her new single and much more.

You've obviously been passionate about music for a very long time - how does it feel to finally be signed and putting out music through a major label?

Well it feels like I'm finally in the door. It's a funny feeling because for a long time doing videos on YouTube, you're never sure if anything is ever going to come of it so then to have a deal and to be putting out music, it's like 'yessss, this is what I've been working towards'. It doesn't feel final, because it's never final as there's always something else you're working towards but it's like the next step and it makes me feel like yes, like a pro.

Despite you being independent for much of your time as an artist you did crack into the charts even then - how was that whole experience?

It was fun. It was so bizarre and I remember where I was the first time that I heard we were in the charts, in the Top 40. I was sat around my aunty's house and we were all listening to the radio and we didn't know whereabouts it was going to chart and it obviously starts at 40 and it wasn't that and it kept going and going and it charted at number 26 and we had popped the champagne. It was so cool. All my family were there. It was amazing. A very fun experience.

Talk us through what happened when you got the news from Roc Nation that they wanted to represent you?

I'd had a couple of meetings before I knew that they wanted to sign me and then that final meeting where I was actually offered the deal, I was sat at home, I don't live in London, I live outside of London, and I was sat in my pyjamas, no make-up on just chilling and I got a call saying there was another meeting that was to take place, that night and I was like what I don't have my make-up on. So I got ready real quick, made my way to London, had a meeting and it was actually Jay Brown, who's Jay Z's partner that offered me the deal and I remember thinking there must be hidden cameras around because this is not real life, but it was real life and it was amazing, such a good feeling and then Jay Brown took me to get a Burger King to celebrate.

Your new single is 'So There' - what is it about this track that you love?

I literally love everything about it. From the minute that it starts, that hooky mandolin part, when I first heard it it totally grabbed my attention. And then the actual vocal hook. Everything about it is completely catchy. It sticks in your head and it's fun as well. it's up-tempo and it's fun to perform. I love singing it and it's a nice little message as well. It talks about the moment when you need that bit of reassurance and you need that little bit of convincing that you want to be with somebody. It's fun because I feel like everyone has been in that experience. Everyone has felt that at some point so it's fun to sing about something you know that people can relate to.

What was it like filming the music video for the tune?

It was so fun. We did it in London, in Shoreditch. The first half of the day was outside and it was brilliant it was so much fun, we managed to avoid the rain, then the second half of the day was filming it inside, which was the most fun. We had pillow fights, I was in a shopping trolly spinning around and it literally didn't feel like I was working or making a music video it just felt like I was having a laugh with my mates.

How have you found the response to the song so far?

The response has been really really positive, which is always a good thing. It's kind of nerve wracking putting out a song and not knowing what people are going to think but so far so good. The video's had a lot of views too, so I'm really pleased with how that's doing. It hit over 265,000 views in just over a week so I'm so chuffed with how that's doing and just as important, all my friends and all my family love it as well which is a big thing for me. I like the people who are really close to me to like it, but obviously the fans need to love it too.

What should we expect from you and music going forward?

You should expect loads of variety, lots of fun and lots of emotion, but not emotion in a bad or a sad way, I just want my music to trigger every different sort of emotion that somebody could feel. One song makes you really happy, another song might make you feel a little reflective or not sad but just make you sit and think and another song might make you want to twerk. It touches on all sorts of feelings and emotions.

If you could work with anyone on new material, who would you choose and why?

This question always gets me as there are so many people that would absolutely love to work with. To work on writing, I'd love to work with India Arie, I'd love to work with Pharrell, I'd love to work with Sam Smith then in terms of collaboration and duets, also India Arie, also Sam Smith, also Pharrell - so those three go for both collaborations and for duets.

Do you have a definitive aim for your career?

I don't think there's a definitive aim, but obviously I'd be lying if I said that I didn't care about selling out world tours and things like that. I want to do that kind of stuff, I want to say that I've had number one singles, number one albums but I suppose more than anything it's just about being happy and making other people happy with my music.

Finally what's next for you?

The single 'So There' is very close, then lots more live shows and then the album, very early next year if all goes to plan. I am so excited, I want it to come out now but I know I have to patient so album, early next year.

Alexa Goddard's new single 'So There' is released on October 26th and available for pre-order on

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