We catch up with Callaghan ahead of her live tour in the UK, where she'll travel to a string of different venues across 12 new dates later this month (March 2016).



Find out what the talented singer had to say about her music, plans and more below...

For those who haven't yet been introduced to your music, how best would you describe yourself as an artist?

It's always difficult to put yourself in a category, but I usually describe my music as singer-songwriter, acoustic pop. It blends elements from pop, folk and country.

When did you realise that the music industry was something you wanted to become a part of?

I don't know that any artist decides to be part of the music industry. I knew from an early age that I wanted to make my living from singing and performing for people and then at 14 started writing songs. I'm always grateful to be able to do what I love for a living, but I still don't take it for granted. I think if you let yourself get too distracted by the industry side of things you can lose focus so I always think you have to stay true to yourself as an artist and make the music you feel passionate about and hopefully reach as many people as possible.

How difficult would you say it is to make a name for yourself in this business?

It certainly can be difficult to get your name above the rest when there is more music out there than ever before. The internet has made it easier to reach people directly but they're also being bombarded with music from all directions all the time so it can be hard to make a connection. I have always believed that performing live and reaching people that way is the best way of building a fan base, and that people spreading the word about your music through word of mouth is still the most powerful method of promotion.

You're currently based in Nashville, known for its musical roots! What's the experience of living there for the past five years been like?

Nashville is a lovely city to live in. It's a very easy-going, friendly place and somewhere I find very relaxing to go back to when I'm off the road. I write as much as I can when I'm off the road, particularly with my producer and co-writer, Dennis Matkosky.

The States is also where you've seen some big success - what has all that felt like?

It's quite incredible to look back on the last 6 years and all that has happened. When I came over initially in 2010 to record an album with Shawn Mullins I never imagined id still be touring here 6 years later and that my music would have been so well received. It has given me a chance to tour all over the US - i've been to 46 states now, and seen some amazing places. I really love that I get to come back home to the UK more often now though and tour. I've had so much support for my new album in the UK which is such an amazing feeling.

If you could collaborate with anybody going ahead, who would you choose and why?

One of my favourite artists is Elton John who I would love to collaborate with. I have listened to his music for so long and actually taught myself to play the piano using his songbooks so i feel like his music is really ingrained in me.

You're returning to the UK for 12 shows across the country in March - what should those coming to a live date expect?

I'll be performing with some amazing musicians, sharing some stories and songs from my latest album which will hopefully resonate with people's lives. Songs that make them reflect and songs that make them want to dance or sing along! I love to create an intimate experience with the audience at my shows so they feel like they can forget anything else that's going on in their lives and just be in the moment for that time to get lost in the music.

How does it feel to be playing your first ever Scottish show this year?

I'm so excited about performing in Scotland. It's something that has been on my list for ages and I'm finally getting to play my first show in Edinburgh at The Voodoo Rooms onMarch 9th. I absolutely love Scotland and I'm excited that ill have my cellist from Atlanta with me for that show and it'll be his first time visiting Scotland!

Should we expect more new music and perhaps a new album at some point this year?

I was just in the studio in Nashville last week recording some new music with my cellist and guitarist. We did acoustic versions of some of my album tracks, some brand new songs and a few covers of some of my favourite songs that we have played at live shows together. It was all tracked live with the 3 of us in the studio together and has such a great energy about it. I can't wait to be able to share it with people in the next couple of months.

Callaghan's tour dates are as follows:

  • Thurs March 3 - Derby - The Venue
  • Sat March 5 - York - Basement
  • Wed March 9 - Edinburgh - The Ballroom @ Voodoo Rooms
  • Thurs March 10 - Manchester - Fallow Cafe
  • Fri March 11 - Totnes - S Devon Arts
  • Sat March 12 - London - C2C - Town Square - 17:15
  • Sun March 13 - London - C2C - Big Entrance - 15.10
  • Sun March 13 - London - C2C - Under Apple Tree - (Time TBC)
  • Mon March 14 - Birmingham - Sunflower Lounge
  • Wed March 16 - London - The Forge
  • Fri March 18 - Ramsgate - Music Hall
  • Sat March 19 - Kirton-In-Lindsey - Town Hall

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