As one of the biggest British names online, CC Clarke has already done a lot to change the way in which people engage with online content. As one of the most in-demand fashion and beauty gurus the world has to offer, CC has now officially branched out into the world of music, releasing her debut single A Little More, and soaring up the charts. Here, we chat to CC all about her experiences to-date, hopes for the future, and more!

CC Clarke's debut single 'A Little More' is out now

CC Clarke's debut single 'A Little More' is out now

For those who haven’t yet heard your debut single, how best would you describe yourself as an artist?

[Somebody] who brings bundles of energy to not only my music, but fashion and stage presence also. Trying to break [out of] the box, but also giving a nod to my soulful inspirations in music.

What is it about the world of music that resonates so much with you and made you want to carve out a career within this industry?

Music has been and will always be the only way I have been able to deeply connect with my emotions and send out my stories and messages in a way that truly satisfies my creative energy. Be it writing my music down, to performing and therefore encompassing all of my creative avenues in one place – for example when my makeup looks, love for fashion, love for singing and entertaining completely unites on one stage – and nothing inspires me more than seeing my favourite artists succeed and inspire too!

What’s your earliest memory of music?

I was hooked on the Disney sing-a-long movies from the age of one, and my earliest memory would be at the age of three singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You with my Grandma.

Where do you draw influence and inspiration from when it comes to creating music?

It could be from my upbringing obsessed with Mariah and Britney, to listening to a Drake song and being inspired by the mood and chords. I also gather inspiration from experiences and people watching on my trips around the world.

You’ve built an incredible brand and online following; how have your loyal fans responded to you branching out into music?

Thank you! The response has been incredible and I feel like because I have integrated my singing from the beginning, I have a rooted respect from my loyal followers who have known this has always been my dream to pursue.

Tell us about your debut single A Little More and the creative process.

[The song was written] organically with some soulful chords I had on my voice notes and I wanted it to be a reminder to myself and also my followers that no one is alone in feeling lost at times, but it is important to remind yourself that you are worth so much, and at times when we feel like we want to get away, we need to give ourselves the love we deserve.

What’s it like seeing that single go up the charts and move ahead of artists such as Rita Ora?

It was mental! I was so proud and can’t wait to see that happen again one day!

What sort of material should we expect from you in the coming months?

Something upbeat is coming! But it will always be empowering, soulful and honest.

Who would you like to collaborate with from the world of music if you could choose anybody, and why?

I have always wanted to collaborating with Labrinth… Ed Sheeran would be a dream, and I would love to duet with my childhood inspiration Christina Aguilera!

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