Hailing from a small town right outside of Edinburgh, Scotland known as Dunfermline, Dancing On Tables are a five-piece indie-pop band who have added a little rock to their style with their brilliant new release Body. This week, we caught up with the extremely talented youngsters to chat all about that new single, as well as the group’s plans for the future, challenges they’ve faced so far, and much more.

Dancing On Tables are back with new single 'Body'

Dancing On Tables are back with new single 'Body'

For those who may not yet have heard your music, how best would you describe yourselves as artists?

We describe ourselves as alt-pop. Upbeat music that you can dance to, but with added guitars.

Where do you draw influence and inspiration from for your work?

As we have two lead singers, a lot of songwriting influence comes from the likes of The Libertines and The Beatles. We listen to the techniques they have used to make sure we get the most from our tracks. Growing up, The Cure and The Strokes inspired us to pick up instruments, so there may be lingering influences from them still present.

You name – Dancing On Tables – does that come from personal experience?

Sadly not! We had been rehearsing for a few months and got offered a last minute support slot for a band in Glasgow, but hadn’t yet settled on a name. the night before the show, we were at a party and people were dancing on tables. We decided on a whim that it would be our name.

What would you say have been some of your biggest challenges working in this industry to-date?

Starting so young in the music industry had its challenges. Early days we were probably dismissed by a lot of people on first glance, but it made us more determined. People often complain about streaming services changing the industry and causing major challenges, but we have benefitted from people around the world being able to easily access our music.

You recently released your new single Body; how have you found the response to that track so far?

It has all been really positive. All the stress and pressure comes before you actually release the track, so it is a relief to have it out there. We wanted to take Body in a more rock-y direction than any of our previous music, so we were slightly more apprehensive than we have been with previous tracks, but people seem to be really enjoying what we have released.

You’ve got a few live shows lined up for this month; what should those coming to the gigs expect?

We like to keep our gigs high energy for the duration. It might be slightly different to what people may expect from listening to our music, but we like to keep our sets as exciting as possible.

How important is it for you to all have creative control over the work you produce?

We have a really supportive team behind us that we work with closely, so we have learnt to be open with our creative approach. It’s important for us to call on these external influences and expertise, as it helps us to develop the band in ways we wouldn’t be able to without them. Having an outside eye helps you see things that you might miss because you are too attached to the project.

Do you have any definitive aims or goals for your career moving forward?

Our focus is still very much on short-term goals. We focus on how we want to progress in the next weeks and months. There are some long-term goals, such as playing The Barrowlands in Glasgow, but nothing that we are fixated on.

What would you say are some of the best things about being an artist and sharing your talent with the world?

Writing music is a very relaxing process as it allows you to express whatever is on your mind at the time. When you have people in the crowd singing back words that you can associate with a certain moment in your life, it’s a very surreal feeling.

Finally, what’s next for you in the coming weeks and months?

We will finish our Scottish tour dates in April, then focus on preparing for going over to Nashville in May to play a few shows. We will also be releasing an EP before summer which is something for us to look forward to.

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