How did you guys come together and form the band?

Jude, Tay and Carl were in a band together and decided to add two more members and asked our manager to hold auditions.

Where do you draw inspiration and influence from for your material?

Life is the inspiration and not just ours, we are fortunate that we have a writing and production team that work with us. -Carl

Talk us through the creative process you go through when making new music.

We think the best songs have come out of nowhere, it can just start with one of us humming and them someone starts to put lyrics down, then we go to the studio and work with our team and we grow a song. -Jude

How important is it for you to maintain that creative control over your work?

We believe an idea is an idea and it can come from anyone so we open our doors to work with creative people. -Tay

If you could work with anybody going forward on new material, who would you choose and why?

There is some quality music being produced out there in the industry at the moment. The standard is high. To name people, the list is endless, artists like Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Clean Bandit, Duke Dumont, David Guetta, Timbaland... The producers are the invisible individual in the studio that no one gets to see, however without them it's difficult to bring music to life. -Tay

Tell us about your new four-track EP 'Supersonic'.

It was tough to choose a 'Soft Release' as something to put out, however we have so many songs recorded we just went for one to put out to test the waters. More of a "how do you do? We are Franklin Lake", rather than "BOOM IT'S FRANKLIN LAKE", there is still time for the 'boom', we want to ease everyone in. -Carl

How long a process is it putting together something like this?

Music is a way of life, time is not accountable, it takes as long as it does. -Jude

Do you have definitive aims or goals for your career going forward?

Our aim is to make a difference in the industry with our music, we hate the label 'boyband', as we are five boys together, [but] the difference is we want to appeal to everyone and our formula is working music should be timeless and that is our aim. -Tay

What stage would you like to be at in your career this time next year?

We want to appear on stages globally, not just here in the UK! The world is a big stage! -Carl

Finally, what should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

More music, more fun, more live shows and performances! We want to meet as many people as possible. -Tay

Franklin Lake release their brand new four-track EP on Monday July 31.

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