Italian pop diva Giulia chats all about her new track 'Addictable', her hopes for her fans and more in a new and exclusive interview for Female First...



Why did you pick 'Addictable' as a bonus single for the deluxe version of album 'Raze Me To The Ground'?

Well actually it wasn't planned at all at the beginning, I wrote 'Addictable' more or less three/four months ago. It was originally meant to be for a second album, but we thought it came out really well, so we decided it would be a great idea to add it to a deluxe version of the album. So basically me and the label agreed it was a great idea to release it now!

What was your main inspiration when writing the track?

Well I came into the studio one day and spoke to my producer Don Mescal. I told him that I had a precise idea in mind with a precise message I wanted to talk and sing about! It is about telling the truth, not caring about what other people think and being yourself! There is a part of me that wants to stay out all night and have fun! So there is 'Addictable'!

How do you want 'Addictable' to make the listener feel?

I would like the listener to feel the same way I felt when I wrote the track! I want the listener to feel free to do what the hell they want to do and not care about others' thoughts and opinions of them! Feel free to feel whatever they want and that anything is possible! (laughs) I mean in the end it's about being yourself!

Where did you film the music video and what inspired the idea behind it?

The video was filmed in East London. I wanted it to be real and a little bit like a documentary... Follow me on a crazy night out! Everyone that did, can trust that it's very real! Of course it had to look like a music video, but I bet every music and night out junkie can relate to that!

Finally where is your dream venue to perform this track?

Well, the Staples Center in LA, the O2 Arena (laughs), of course! All the best ones! That's not just the dream for 'Addictable' though but for me in general I would say!

'Addictable' will be out and available to download from Friday, April 15. In the mean time, check out Giulia's new video for 'Addictable' now!