Following the release of her brilliant new album Hello and now out on tour with the iconic Lisa Stansfield, Irit is a woman who’s ready to take on the world with her incomparable talent and sound. We caught up with the singer-songwriter during her busy schedule to pose our quick fire five questions to her, allowing her to open up a little bit more about herself and allow you readers to learn more about her! You can check out what she had to say in the video below:

Irit is a complicated woman. She’s been a soldier and a sniper, a stage actress in the most prestigious theatre group in Israel, a talk show host, a comedienne, a documentary maker and a whole wealth of other things. Throughout all of that however, she’s always had one overriding passion: to make music and sing.

Her breakthrough came when she was part of electronic covers band Last Of Songs, formed in Tel Aviv. Playing with them gave her a bunch of experience in taking to the stage, but there she never really felt like her personality was being conveyed through the music. Internally battling against herself, she would come to realise that to had to hone her creativity by writing her own music.

Religion, sexism, relationships and more played a part in inspiring her writing, as she developed an organic sound which drew from Middle Eastern scales and rhythms she’d heard throughout her childhood and path to adulthood.

Not confining herself to one road however, Irit harnesses a unique dark humour in much of her work that will have you both grinning from ear to ear before seeing you tear up. She’s truly a one of a kind artist, and we can’t wait to watch her journey from here. The sky’s the limit for Irit, and you can bet we’ll be watching her take each and every step through her career.

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