Jane Badler is a talent that just keeps on giving, and after a fantastic interview she conducted with Female First last year, we couldn't resist catching up with her once more to find out all about her latest album 'Opus', what she's been up to lately and more.

With photoshoot robberies and the loss of one record company, Jane never gave up - read below to find out just how she made 'Opus' a reality.

Last time we spoke to you, you said the music business is "like a drug" - are you still in that head space?

Did I say that? What I probably meant to say is the creative world is like a drug. Very hard to walk away from it even though it can be quite an arduous journey.

'Opus' was a long, fabulous, exhausting journey. I was definitely thinking this could be my last album for a while. But of course, last week I started thinking about new ideas and new directions and I could see that walking away is not an option.

What challenges have you faced in the past year that you can share with us?

I think no matter how successful our lives may seem to the outside world, we all have our personal struggles. This has been a year of triumphs musically, but also some personal difficulties.

For me, I try to see difficulties as a way of expanding and growing as a person inhabiting this planet. This year is the first time I have taken up a meditation practice and started to pursue seriously a more spiritual perspective. It is an endless journey but a buffer against anxiety when crisis arises in our lives.

You released your new album 'Opus' this month, what creative process went into that record?

'Opus' has had many lives and many journeys. I had just separated from the band Sir who wrote the first two albums I did. My record company here in Australia was no longer interested so I was definitely at a crossroads.

I decided I would be involved in the writing and concept of my next album. Thus began the crazy journey.

It started with a piano and me. Tinkering out songs and ideas. After about a year I knew I needed to find a songwriter to help me take everything to another level.

I was introduced to two very talented boys - Byron St John and Matt Thomas. Together, we spent a year writing the album. It was deeply rewarding and I learnt so much.

I was very fortunate to meet my manager Mick Rossi and the Grammy-award-winning producer Jeff Bova, who was able to take my demos and bring it to a whole other level.

Along the way I did a track - 'Black Dove' - with the incredible producer Ivor Guest. He produced one of my favourite albums: 'Hurricane' by Grace Jones. Whew, and that's just part of it! Very exciting to finally have it out.

How was working with producer Jeff Bova?

Working with Jeff was an absolute delight. I was a bit nervous at first because of his reputation, but he was kind and generous. I totally trusted him.

With Jeff came amazing musicians and backup singers. It was organic and we spent a lot of time in the studio. Jeff has a cosy, inviting studio.

When I first started recording eight years ago, I was put in a booth to do vocals, but now I prefer to be with the producer in a relaxed environment with no walls or boundaries.

What are some of your favourite tracks on this album?

My favourite tracks are always changing! When the album was first finished, my favourite tracks were 'Losing You' and 'Opus'. I think they still are, along with 'Return To Passion'.

I have been so surprised that so many people love 'Fame'. It is definitely the most out-there of all the songs and probably the one that could most easily be misunderstood.

What was the experience like shooting the album artwork?

Shooting the artwork for the album was also a long, drawn out affair. I did the first shoot in New York City with one of my favourite photographers ever - Karl Giant.

It was an extraordinary shoot with performance artists, latex and dog collars! Sadly, the entire shoot was stolen. So, back to square one.

I then did a second shoot back in Australia, but it wasn't quite right for the cover.

So, back to NYC for another try with Karl. This time we had no budget so it was literally Karl and myself on the floor of an NYC apartment. But, magic happened and I am totally in love with the cover.

The great thing about Karl is he does styling, makeup, concept and photography. He is quite brilliant.

Should fans expect another single and music video to come from this LP?

I am definitely thinking about it. Just haven't been able to decide what's next. I wanted to put the album out first and see what the reaction is. I love doing music videos so hopefully will shoot one before the year is out. It really is that constant churning out of new product to keep people interested.

Will you be touring in the near future?

I have just locked in three dates in Paris. I will be performing at La Terrasse du Batofar on November 25, and am very excited to be part of the French Pop Mission concert on November 22 at Bus Palladium with three other fabulous bands. More to come...

Which artists and music are you listening to at the moment?

So much great music... I love listening to the interesting, young indie artists... Lykki Li, London Grammar, FKA Twigs, The Weeknd. Revisiting some of my favourite artists... Fat Freddy's Drop, Claude Challe, Bazoo Bajour. To name just a few!

Aside from the album, what other projects are you currently engaged with?

I have just recorded vocals for a great track called 'Live A Little' by German artist JunkSista. It has just been released as her new single off her upcoming album.

Also, I collaborated with producer EsQuille on his new dance track 'Your Skin On My Skin' - that is currently number four in the Swedish Dance Tracks.

Also recorded a French duet with the talented composer Leonard Lasry for his new French Duets EP.

And lastly, will be recording an amazing song in January with the brilliant Spanish singer Juan Camus.

I recently finished shooting a Spanish comedy in Madrid - now that was an experience!

Jane Badler's 'Opus' is out now.

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