As part of one of the UK's most successful boybands, life has been a whirlwind for Jaymi Hensley as of late. With Union J's continued stardom and his career going through leaps and bounds, he'll next join the group for An Audience with Union J in October.

Jaymi Hensley

Jaymi Hensley

We got the chance to have a quick chat with Jaymi about that show, the group's third studio album and much more - read on to find out what he had to say.

You're working now on your third studio album with Union J, how's that coming along?

Really well, we have some really exciting material - can't wait for everyone to hear it!

You've seen some big success since your time on The X Factor, what have been some of your favourite experiences to-date?

I think going back on The X Factor and performing as an artist and performing at Wembley Stadium.

You toured with The Vamps earlier this year, what was that like?

It was fabulous, loved working with the boys across the UK!

An Audience with Union J is coming this October, can you tell us a little bit about that?

It's an interactive fan event with us performing music; it's a great chance for the fans to get up, close and personal with us.

The group made an appearance in 2013 in Kick-Ass 2, would you like to do more movie work?

Absolutely, I would love to do more movies with the band, so watch this space!

I know you're a fan of Celebrity Big Brother - what do you think of this series?

I think it's explosive. I think it's one of my favourite series to date - I don't think how I'd handle being in the house!

Who are some of your favourites this series?

Janice Dickinson and Chloe Jasmine and Natasha Hamilton. I absolutely love Natasha, love love her!

And similarly who would you like to see booted?

Farrah, as much as she's a good housemate, she's an annoying housemate to watch!

Would you ever consider going on the show?

Absolutely, I'd love to cause some ruckus!

Finally what's next for you?

Studio album with the boys, television work and much more!

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