Celebrating his 50th anniversary in the music business this year, Jimmy Osmond returns to the UK this autumn with his brand new live show, A Tribute to Andy Williams - Moon River and Me.

Jimmy Osmond - Moon River and Me

Jimmy Osmond - Moon River and Me

Packed with great music, nostalgic footage and personal memories, the 27-date tour kicks off on September 26, running through until October 30.

We got the chance to put some questions to Jimmy about the tour, his relationship with Andy Williams and more...

Can you tell us a little bit about your Moon River & Me tribute tour to Andy Williams?

It is a show that I produced initially at my theatre which is the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and it went so well that many people heard about it and promoters from around the world have been calling, wanting to promote it, so I'm bringing the show to the UK for 27 shows after a short run here in America.

The show is filled with nostalgic footage and award-winning music and I think people like the fact that since Andy was like family to me and my brothers, it's interesting and fun to share some of the experiences and music that we sang with him, as we were regulars growing up on his show and we toured the world with him.

Why did you decide to honour Andy Williams in this way?

This actually was a pet project of his before he passed away. He produced a video with his son Bobby called 'Moon River and Me', where he showed footage of some of his favourite moments on his TV series and his favourite songs and those songs have touched so many lives that people love to come and listen and remember an easier day.

What are some of your fondest memories of Andy?

There are so many, but the last time I actually worked with Andy was in Vegas. I was producing a show called The Osmond's 50th Anniversary Tour and I flew Andy out to surprise my brothers on stage, and it was a magical moment, but afterward I had the privilege of interviewing him and having him talk about each one of us in a heartfelt way. It was really a wonderful thing to hear your boss talk about how much he loved working with each one of us and sharing stories from his perspective. It was amazing.

You obviously made your performance debut on the Andy Williams Show - is that something you remember despite being so young?

Honestly I don't know if I remember that day or I just remember seeing footage of my beginning performances so many times, but I do have fond memories of growing up in that old Hollywood kind of way. We worked really hard and it's great fun to remember those days.

What kind of night should those coming to the live shows expect?

It's really interesting to me to see how many young people are coming to the show. People like Pixie Lott and others are re-recording Andy's music and are really into that 60s vibe, but when you come to the show you can expect to see a lot of footage, hear a lot of award-winning music and stories and also hear some great singers like Charlie Green and Emily Penny with the Moon River Band. None of us pretend that we can sing like Andy, but rather we are just sharing his music to take so many people back to an easier day.

How does it feel to be celebrating 50 years in the music business this year?

I can't believe it, I still feel like a little kid! I never thought showbusiness would last for me but now that I look back at all the different things I've done for musical theatre, to live shows etc., it truly is amazing and great fun to look back now, and I am truly grateful, and I'm still a young guy, right?

You've also performed in the West End in your career - is that something we should expect you to return to?

I hope so! It's up to the producers but I have loved being involved in musical theatre. I like being a member of the team. I grew up in a team called the Osmond's, so when I take on a play or whatever I know it's not about me, I'm just one member of the cast and I like that.

Which theatre character haven't you played yet but would like to step into the shoes of and why?

I'd love to be in a show like Wicked or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or singing in the rain and I'd like to be in a supporting role. I don't have to be the star or anything, but it's great fun to be involved with productions where you love the music and the story.

With such an illustrious career, do you have any more goals or aims going forward?

I still have a lot that I want to do, I've always tried to do something different every time that I've come back to the UK, whether it's Boogie Nights, Chicago or Grease, or American Jukebox, or now this production of Moon River and Me. I think people that follow you want to see you constantly changing and doing things differently, so there's still a lot to do and I hope the doors of opportunity keep opening up, because I love what I do.

Finally, what else should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

My culinary skills in MasterChef! Truly it was one of my favourite shows that I've ever been in and in every one of those shows I've always taken away from these experiences great friends that have lasted, and I had a terrific time being in this competition. You know me, I'm not afraid of anything!

Tickets for all 27 of Jimmy's shows are available now.

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