Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Chances are you've heard Kate Nash's music at some point or another. 'Foundations' was a mega hit that saw some major airplay and set the 'foundations' so to speak for Kate's career going forward.

We spoke exclusively to Kate about her new music, how she's evolved since her big break seven years ago and females in the industry. Here's what she had to say.

Tell us about the creative process behind your new music video 'Sister'.

It reflects a friendship that I had when I was 17. The closeness of female friendship can sometimes cross into the relationship territory and the passion you have for each other can be difficult during the transition of teenager to adult. I worked with Aram Rappaport. I sent him a treatment with a story idea and a lot of images. The style was super important. I wanted it to feel like a movie, like you were getting an inside eye at these girls' relationship. It's my real life best friend in the video too!

How would you say you've evolved as an artist since your big break in 2007?

Hugely. I guess I've learned so much, been exposed to things I never had. I feel like I know my craft a lot better now. I never would have called it my craft before. But I play better, I write differently, a lot has changed.

Would you say it's more difficult as a woman in the music industry?

I mean I think you are judged/treated differently as a woman in any industry. I am lucky that I work with a wonderful team. I'm actually kind of starting fresh with this new record, figuring out who I'm going to sign to in both publishing and record label. My gut instinct is so much stronger as a 26-year-old and now, I actually know what I want.

What is it about music that you love?

I love that it soundtracks my emotional life. When I feel lost, or alone, or happy, or excited, I want to listen to songs to help me go through that, or comfort me, or intensify a moment.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

Everywhere, books, theatres, film, mainly the people I meet and my friendships and relationships. My mood.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

Hmm, that's a big question. I want to make the right choices.

Do you have any big projects incoming you can share some details about?

I've been collaborating with a new artist, D.Wing, which I'm excited about. I'm also working on the musical "Only Gold" with Andy Blankenbueler in New York. It's gonna be a cool year.

Find out more about Kate's recent projects at www.myignorantyouth.com.

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