Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum have made a triumphant return as they have released their fantastic new album Golden.

We caught up with Hilary Scott to chat about the new record, the reaction so far as well as what lies ahead.

- You are about to release your new single Goodbye Town so what can fans expect from this new track?

This song is really one of the first songs that we knew we wanted to record it for this record when we wrote it. I think it is just a very relatable subject matter as we have all been in places in our life; whether it is the end of a relationship or a door just closes in your life and it is that do or die time where you know that you have to take a risk and really follow dream. That is really what this song is about.

The beginning of the song is being in a town and everything reminding you of the person that you love that you aren’t with anymore.

But as the song builds and gets towards the end it is like that freedom chant where you say ‘I am getting out of here and I am going to make something of myself’. So this song is all about going for it and living fearlessly.

- This is the latest song to be lifted of your new album Golden and the record is doing incredibly well, you must be thrilled?

We are. The response from the first single Downtown and now the record being out we couldn’t have asked for a better response.

To hear the feedback from our fans and from our team and the people who work with us on a daily basis we have just sense so much more of an excitement that we had in a long time.
So we are just so thankful for that and looking forward to getting out on tour and performing this music.

- This does seem a little bit of a more laid back record so how much was that a conscious choice? And why did you want to record more fun tracks?

We really wanted to make this an album that would translate really well live. In a live show environment you perform a handful of those ballads and dramatic love songs but you also need some up tempo song to get you through a show and keep the energy up and keep people having a good time.

So we went into the studio to record this album with that mentality of wanting to have those moments of heart break with those love songs but also to have more of that positive excitement and that energy to pull from as well.

We recorded right after we got off tour and so going in with that live show mentality helped. We simplified all of the instrumentation and the production and wanted to really let the songs, lyrics and our vocals be the centre piece.

- There is a strand running through it about youth and young love or first love so did you plan to have this theme or was it something that just worked out that way?

Honestly I think we set out to make a record that would be great for a road trip; you can hop in your car and got for a couple hour drive or head out on vacation and this would be something that would take you on a journey.

I think that those nostalgic songs for everybody are a part of your journey in life. We didn’t consciously set out to record a ton of nostalgic songs but I think they only naturally worked their way on to the record because of the overall theme and energy that we wanted the record to have.

We just wanted to be a record that was easy to listen to and takes you on a journey.

- This is your fourth studio album so how have you seen you sound and style change over the four records? And how do you feel you have developed as musicians and writers during that time?

I think just being more experienced touring and singing in the studio has really helped us grow. However the core of us as artists and as a band has stayed the same; I am very thankful for that and very proud of that.

I know with this record we intentionally wanted to keep it simple. We didn’t want to over produce and we didn’t want it to be over dramatic as we just wanted to stay true to who we are at this moment; that is happy and reflective and excited about the future.

- How does the song writing process work within the band - how much of a collaborative process is it?

It is as collaborative as you can get. We just sit in a room together - either just the three of us or with a co-writer or our whole road band - and start a song.

Everybody is included and everyone’s voice is heard and their stories work their way into the songs. It is not just two of us writing together and then giving the song to the other person who just sings it. The three of us are very very involved.

- You have brought Paul Worley on board to help produce the record once again so why did you decide to work with him again?

We just have such a solid and close relationship with Paul because he has been there since the very beginning. He is the captain of the ship.

The three of us have very strong ideas and opinions about things but he also decades of experience under his belt that we really rely on and need. He is family to us; he is part of the Lady A family. He also just brings an ability that the three of us could never claim to have (laughs), he is just so experience.

But he also knows us and knows when we sound better than what we think we do. I think the best way to describe it is he helps to direct the script.

- You have also had a hand in producing the record as well so how important is that side of making a record? And how much do you enjoy it?

We love the studio and we love getting in and recording. The three of us have our different roles; Dave has that production mind and that technical side where he can talk the smart techie words with Paul and with our engineer.

And then Charles and I we are based on the feel of it and how something makes you feel. We hear different things and different guitar hooks and we will sing them to the guitarists. For the most part on this record we just focused on singing the best that we could every single vocal take.

Before that we also chose the best songs because we knew that everyone else involved in the process was going to take it and elevate it to that next level.

- You have been out on the road at the beginning of the year so how you found these new tracks going down with a live audience?

Everything has felt great from a live show standpoint; we have been able to play a handful of shows before I head out to have the baby. The new music has been really fun.

There is always a resurgence of excitement when you have a new record to pull from and to play these new songs and feel the crowd when you try those new songs out the first few times. So it definitely makes all of the live show a little more exciting because of the new material.

- And are there any plans to play some live shows here in the UK?

We are always planning on touring - especially coming back to the UK. We had such a fantastic time when we came over to do a tour.

We had such an experience there that once we get into a routine post baby - everything is revolving around the baby right now - we are going to have all of those plans solidified. We will be letting everyone know as soon as we do.

- How is the pregnancy going? And how are you?

I am good, I am nearing the end. Every day is different, just like it has been from the very beginning, but I am very thankful, for the most part, an easy pregnancy.

It hasn’t been easy but compared to what a lot of women I know deal with on a daily basis during pregnancy it has been pretty easy.

I have been so thankful of that because of all of the stuff that we have had going on with releasing and promoting the record because if there had been major complications that would have really complicated everything.

I appreciate our daughter, even in the womb, being very adaptable to her mom’s schedule.

- So where did your love of music start? And what kinds of music were you all listening to as you were growing up?

I listened to everything. Both of my parents moved to Nashville when they were young for country music and so from the very beginning, probably before I was born, that was all that I was hearing; my mom is a singer as well.

But I remember growing up with a ton of different artists being played in our house from Carole King, The Eagles and Loretta Lynn - all across the board. I have been influenced by a lot of different artists.

- The band has an ever growing fan-base in the UK as well as around the world so for any of them reading this interview do you have a message for them?

First and foremost, thank you for all of your support and love. Also just allowing us to travel around and perform our music so far away from the place that we call home.

I have said this quite a few times but it is just the most unbelievable feeling to be so far away from home and feel at home; that is how everyone in the UK has always made us feel when we have been able to visit and perform there.

More than anything I just want to say thank you and we would love to see you out at shows.

Stay tuned because there will be some announcements being made over the next six to nine months about what touring over there is going to look like for us. Thank you for supporting our music and allowing us to do what we love to do.

- Finally what is next you as you head through the rest of 2013?

We are basically going to get into some kind of travelling family routine. On the top of the list is planning a tour - that is still in the works but it will be sooner rather than later.

Lady Antebellum - Golden is out now.

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