As one of the most exciting acts on the Manchester music scene, LZ7 are a trio of talented youngsters all destined to share their artistry with the world.

Lead singer Lindz West is a man who had a run in with the law in his younger years, forcing him to look in the mirror and really go after what was important. We got the chance to chat to Lindz about LZ7, their music and much more in a new and exclusive interview.

For those who may be new to your music, how best would you describe your sound?

Our sound is something we've been working on to find the right stuff for us. I'd describe it as commercial EDM. Big drops with heaps of energy. We love the sound we've found and really want to develop in this project and then onwards and upwards.

What should we expect from your new single 'So Good', released on December 11?

'So Good' is a feel-good anthem that allows the listener in on a love story with a twist - see the music video - and I think you'll agree that the single is as uplifting as it is big! I really hope you enjoy it.

Where do you draw influence or inspiration from for your material?

Everyone and anyone really. We all love listening to different styles of music from The 1975 right through to Martin Garrix. I would say we look ahead at the evolution of EDM and try to look at what's happening next to keep the music on point.

If you could work with anybody in the future on new music, who would you choose and why?

Avicii, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Skrillex... I can't say anymore! I think I would just sit there silent and just listen to their passion for music and just learn as much as I could.

How challenging an industry is this one to break into?

It's super challenging and we like a challenge to sharpen everything, from our live show right through to the music vid. It's really hard for an indie act like us to break through but hey, you have to give it a go, right?

You're based in Manchester - what do you think of the Manchester music scene?

Manchester is kicking at the moment. There's always a great live act to go and see. We are from all over the UK from South to North, and I think that's reflected really well in our music.

You've spent time touring and performing at festivals and stadiums - do you enjoy the touring life?

Absolutely love it. We all have our different strengths in LZ7. Saint Louis is the mix, master and studio guy. Lily Jo is definitely all of the above and brings a real soul to us with her vocals and then I, Lindz, front us as a singer/occasional rapper to hold it all together. It's a fun combination.

Do you have any definitive aims or goals for your career?

We would love to say the sky is the limit. We spend a good amount of time in high schools across the globe with an anti-bullying type message and I'd love to see that grow alongside the music... Make music as good as we know how and walk through the doors that open for us really...

Where would you like to be by this time next year?

I'd love to have released a few more singles and the next album. I am literally listening to Ronnie Size 'Brown Paper Bag', and reminiscing in the tour bus... I'd love to write a track that does that to people in the future... They look back and remember the good times and also feel hyped about what the future holds...

New single 'So Good' is officially released on December 11.

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