Shooting to the top of the charts with their debut single 'Rude', Los Angeles based quartet MAGIC! are back with their brand new single 'No Way No', lifted from debut album 'Don't Kill The Magic'.

Speaking to lead singer Nasri in a new and exclusive interview, we asked all about the huge success of 'Rude', their plans for the future and much more. Read on to find out just what he had to say.

You're back soon with new single 'No Way No' - what was it about this track that made you want to release it?

Yes! We're really excited about our new single! What made us go with 'No Way No' as the next single was the response from the fans. It was really hard to choose the next single 'cause we love our album, and I think with summer coming back it's got the right attitude and groove.

The music video looks like it was a lot of fun to film - how was the experience of filming it?

We had a great time shooting the video. Jon Jon Augustavo is a great director and made it easy for us to be ourselves. And, as cheesy as this sounds, I really enjoyed playing with the puppy!

Do you feel a pressure following up to such a big single with 'Rude' and successful debut album?

We feel a little pressure but not enough to throw our focus out of order. If we have a song half as big as 'Rude' we'd be happy. 'Rude' is a great accomplishment for us and our team.

How did you cope with the huge response and success of 'Rude'?

We just kept working.

Were you shocked at the social commentary that came about due to the song? The aspect of not being 'owned' by anybody, etc.?

To be honest, I didn't really pay attention to that. As a new band we find that it's best just to have fun with all of our new fans.

The song saw you nominated for Single of the Year at the American Music Awards, how did that feel?

It felt great to be recognised. We hope to get the same for 'No Way No' and the rest of the album.

Currently you're touring with Maroon 5 - what's that whole experience like?

Maroon 5 are a great band and have treated us like brothers. Their fans are warm and know how to enjoy the night.

Do you hang out with the guys from the band backstage and after the gigs?

We definitely made new friends on the tour with different members, got to play some basketball with the guys too, and talk music.

What definitive aims or aspirations do you now have for your career going forward?

First and foremost we're musicians, so growth is most important. We're always writing and working on our live show. Right now, our main focus is our new single 'No Way No'.

If you could work with anybody on a new collaboration, who would you choose and why?

Everybody in the band has different favourites. Be fun to do a song with the Maroon 5 guys.

Is there anything else you can tell us about what to expect from Magic! going forward?

More music!

Magic!'s debut album 'Don't Kill The Magic' is out now.

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