Touring the United Kingdom this month, Mariann Rosa is an artist who's sure to capture your attention. She's unafraid to push boundaries and unwilling to conform to musical stereotypes. In her latest single 'Banjo For My Bitches', that's clearer than ever before.

Female First got the chance to chat to Mariann about her career to-date, her music style, fashion and a whole host of other topics in a new and exclusive interview.

Read on to find out what Mariann said, her advice to aspiring musicians, those who want to feel comfortable in their clothes and more.

For those who may not yet have heard your sound, how best would you describe yourself as an artist?

It's a mix of everything... hehe! I just wanted to be free and play around in the studio trying to capture each mood I was in at the moment of creativity. People who hear my music often say, "What the f***?", so I guess you could also describe my music-style as #WTF.

Your new single 'Banjo For My Bitches' is released July 6 - what can you tell us about that track?

'Banjo For My Bitches' is a song about being in deep sh*t, being emotionally abused. Every human can rise from something extremely painful and become a better version of yourself. It happened to me, that´s why I wrote 'Banjo For My Bitches'. The chorus of the track is dancey and slightly 90´s Dr.Alban-ish... For me, it was important to put joy into the end of each part of the song, 'cause things always get better after sh*t happens.

You were a former judge on Norway's version of Idol, how was that whole experience?

I loved it! Seriously. Hearing and seeing so many talents (and not so talented singers) was an experience. I would love to do it again! To see a person progress each week and shine more and more gives me goosebumps... Ooooh!

You've been in London working on a new EP, what can you tell us about that forthcoming record?

It´s gonna be an mini-album. Can´t wait to release this single 'Banjo For My Bitches' and the rest of the songs! I've been working with the producer-duo Zebra1 right outside of London in a small garage for 2 years, travelling to and from Oslo/London almost each month. I'm totally broke now, spent all my savings on my solo-project, hehe, but it´s worth it. For me, the mini-album is a bit schizophrenic. I´m easily bored, since I´ve been DJ-ing for 14 years, I always want to try out new things. Yeah, I wrote my first ballad, EVER! I'm very proud of the whole "Mariann-world".

There are two live shows lined up for London and Brighton in May, what should those coming to those dates expect?

They will see and experience my music and me as an live-artist. After touring the world for 10 years with Surferosa, I enjoy performing live the most! I love seeing different reactions on peoples faces. So happy to do these shows and to play with my new London-band, Dominique, Nathan and Jordan! Great musicians and they´re young!

How difficult would you say it is to carve out a name for yourself in this industry?

It´s bloody hard and tough. You just have to love it so much and stay hungry for your art and lifestyle, and NOT do it to earn money, 'cause you´ll only be disappointed. I like the fact that there is room for all kinds of music, not just super-commercial acts on BIG labels. People and fans really seem to capture their vibe from the internet which is a good thing! I´m just gonna push on with my music and stay hungry and happy!

You've won the title of Best Dressed Norweigan Artist in the past, is fashion a big part of your life?

I won many times in Norway! Also worst dressed... But I take that as a huge compliment. What is good or bad taste? I don´t care, I just do whatever I feel like and dress how I want! I like fashion and design as an art-form, and as an interesting way of making your personality stronger. Colorful clothes give me extra energy and ´m addicted to that. I also collect scandinavian design. Maybe I should start collection? Any UK-designers out there wanna team up? I love clothes from Eleven Paris, Junkyard, Nina Jarebrink, Fam Irvoll, Collin Cherry, TZUJI Larry Tee, VATLE, Maria Ke Fisherman, Cala and Jade, Adax...

What tips do you have for people who may need a little help styling themselves or feeling comfortable in what they wear?

Hmmmm, good question. Girls and woman can be jealous and say bad about this and that to each other. I always try to inspire to do what makes you feel good about yourself, you don´t know it all until you tried. If you like what you are wearing it will show on the persons face. If you put it on cause it´s trendy and you feel uncomfortable, it will also show. Wear what YOU wanna wear, and try to push the limits a bit because fashion is fun. Trends can be fun, but it´s too obvious. Ha!

Do you also have any tips for any aspiring musicians hoping to break into the business?

Don´t listen to anyone other than yourself. Follow your heart and put this into your music. Hard work always pays off! Dare to be 100% you and break the rules in the music-business.

Finally, what's next for you?

Coming over to play a 2 gigs in may, 13th at The Monarch, Camden Town and 14th at Glory in Dalston. Can´t wait! So excited to also be performing at The Great Escape Festival on the 15th.

Back home in Norway I´m releasing my mini-album on 3rd June. I´m throwing together a big release concert in Oslo. My oh my, It´s gonna be so much fun! At the moment my heart is in Oslo and London. It´s like having 2 lovers at the same time...

Mariann will be playing at The Monarch in Camden on 13th May, and at The Glory in Dalson on 14th May, and of course the Great Escape on 15th May.

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