Tell us about your new project with Epson. Recently due to excessive exercise you developed an ectopic heartbeat, could you tell us a little about that please?

I was training for the London marathon two years ago and at first I thought I had a muscle twitch in my pec muscle - it was a fluttering feeling that would sometime last for a few seconds and then sometimes it would last much longer. I mentioned it to my wife and she was naturally very concerned, so she encouraged me to see a specialist. The specialist told me I had a 'wandering pacemaker' which is very common among professional athletes. Due to excessive exercise, my resting heart rate had become incredibly low. Thankfully the doctor said I could still take part in the marathon; however I had to be very careful not to overdo things.

At the time, I looked into buying a heart rate monitor, but the only thing on the market was a heart rate chest strap, which is really uncomfortable, so the new Epson Pulsense monitors are fantastic as you can measure your heartrate from your wrist and find out the results at the touch of a button. After the marathon the issue began to subside as I wasn't doing so much intense training but now I'm more aware to take things easy.

What gadgets do Epson offer that can help you and people in your situation with training?

For me, I really like the 'quantitative self' element and especially the sleep function. The monitor can detect when you're in a period of deep sleep and light sleep based on your heart rate. You can set yourself an alarm to wake you up during the most optimum time according to your individual sleep pattern. This way I can wake up without feeling dreadful!

Harry Judd

Harry Judd

You've implemented exercise as a big part of your life now, what advice do you have for people looking to get in shape?

The main thing is to set yourself realistic targets. Some people (like myself) really enjoy keeping fit, and going to the gym, but some people may find it much harder. My best advice is to start steady, start it slow and don't beat yourself up too much if you miss a day. I'm also a big advocate about coupling fitness with eating well - this for me is really important. I would also recommend seeing a personal trainer for a few sessions as this way they will be able to help you with a fitness program and give you the confidence on using all the gym equipment.

Moving on to your music career, how does it feel now looking back at everything you've already accomplished with McBusted after just over a year? How did you find the reaction to your debut album with the group?

The reaction has been really good! So far I've received loads of positive feedback on Twitter which is always a good sign. The real litmus test is when you go on tour - playing live and looking out on the crowd and seeing the smiles on the fans faces as they sing along.

'Get Over It' is your second single from that record, due for release next year - why did you guys choose this song to release?

There are some songs on the album that fans will either passionately love or hate, but 'Get Over It' was just a really strong universal song that most people would like. I think it's a great advert for the album.

You've performed at one arena tour as McBusted and are headed back out again soon - what was it like the first time and what should fans expect this time around?

The first time was amazing and way better than what we first expected. The feedback was incredible and we want to try and emulate that and put on a good show. Ultimately we want the fans to go away feeling that they've had the best night out.

Looking back at your career, it's been a hugely successful and extensive one - do you ever get chance to look back and reflect on it, letting it sink in?

No. Never! It's just a continuation of life and the more life goes on the more it becomes a reality. You have to be real about it and try not to be 'wow I'm so amazing'. We are all striving for more success but we are all humbled and grounded.

How will you be spending Christmas?

Me and Izzy will be going up to see my family and we'll have a relaxed Christmas. The festive season is the only time we don't hang out as a band. I see them for the rest of the year, so Christmas is all about hanging out with my family.

Where else should we expect you to be popping up going into the New Year?

Well obviously we've got the McBusted Arena Tour taking place next year, so it's going to be very busy indeed. Myself and Izzy will be going to Antigua for New years to chill out, so we are both pretty excited about that.

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