Megan Henwood returns this month with her brand new album, ‘River’, and following the critical acclaim that surrounds her previous releases, there are some high expectations. With an alt-folk essence about her, but the ability to show off her talent in a number of incomparable ways, she’s certainly somebody we’ve had our eyes on for quite some time. Back in 2009, Megan won the BBC Young Folk Award at 20 alongside her brother Joe, and since that point she’s proven exactly how memorable she can be.

Megan Henwood returns with new album 'River'

Megan Henwood returns with new album 'River'

As a regular on the UK live circuit, and having taken to the stage at a number of different festivals such as Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party, we managed to find some time to have a quick chat with Megan so she could introduce herself to new listeners, and let those who have known about her for some time know a little bit more about her world. Read on to find out what she had to say…

For those who may be new to your music, how best would you describe your sound?

Lyrical, often dark songs, guitar-based but production and instrumentation drawing from many genres.

What challenges have you faced in the music industry so far?

Aha. A few! I was monumentally screwed over by someone early on in my career, but it taught me a lot. The fact I can be quite shy has created challenges throughout the years and also I’m not a supermodel – but overcoming these obstacles and accepting these realities only serve to teach you more about yourself and what is important to you. I’m still learning though.

How difficult would you say this career path is in terms of making a name for yourself?

Extremely difficult. The internet opens up many doors for exposure and I’ve watched the way it has affected the industry over my lifetime. There are many highs and lows in the quest to make this a career, even if you aren’t aiming to be a worldwide superstar. But it’s worth it.

How important is it for you to have creative control over the work you produce?

As a performing artist, it’s important to me to be able to stand on stage and sing the songs with conviction, so they have to come from an honest place. As a songwriter, when writing ‘for yourself’, the process is extremely cathartic so the results are vulnerable and very precious to you – if I am writing for/with other people it is a more open arena and it’s refreshing to let go of some of that control.

Where do you draw influence and inspiration from for your work?

From people I talk to/eavesdrop on, stories and experiences I’ve been told, from books, films and music and also from my own personal interactions – everywhere really.

If you could collaborate with anybody going forward, who would you choose and why?

Anais Mitchell because I love her songwriting. Or Bill Withers. Or Stevie Wonder.

Tell us a random, funny fact about you that not many people know.

I am obsessed with bees and could talk about them for hours.

Do you have definitive aims or goals for your career moving forward?

I would like to grow and expand as a songwriter and producer – write and work with people from all genres and travel.

Where do you hope to be this time next year?

Looking out my window at the grey sky, I hope to be somewhere warm and bright maybe? Winter makes me go funny.

What should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

Well, the new album ‘River’ is out in October and I’m touring round the UK so lots more shows and brand new music!


Megan’s new singer ‘Seventh’ is out now via Dharma Records, with upcoming album ‘River’ officially dropping on October 27.

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