At what point did you realise that music was the path you'd like to go down?

I've known music was the path for me since I was a child. It was just scary to me in the beginning.

How difficult would you say it is to make a name for yourself in this industry?

Making a name for yourself in this industry is incredibly difficult, so much so that it's often confused for impossible by a lot of indie artists. It's a treacherous, misogynistic, and abusive marathon. I think that's why so many people quit.

You recently released your new single 'Jilted' - how did you find the response to that record?

It's been really beautiful so far. I'm so humbled by the response and so grateful people are connecting with the song.

Where do you draw influence or inspiration from for your work?

A great deal of inspiration for my work comes from my own pain, experience, questions, fantasies... the things I worry about.

I do like to fill up on different kinds of visual and aural stimulation because I'm convinced that my brain just mixes it all up and it comes out in a new way without me consciously drawing the inspiration from any one particular place.

How best would you describe yourself as an artist and musician?

An an artist & musician I'm restless, curious, authentic and experimental.

Who are some of your favourite musicians at the moment?

I'm really enjoying Labrinth's new single 'Jealous' and Ina Wroldsen's new single 'Alien'. There's an up and coming R&B artist named Liana Banks that I'm excited about. She'll be releasing something soon.

If you could collaborate with anybody going forward, who would you choose and why?

KevKills & Daniel Arsham are two visual artists I'd love to collaborate with. Ina Wroldsen is a great songwriter. It would be cool to write with her one day.

If I could write with Madonna one day for some modern day continuation of her 'Ray Of Light' album before I die, I would die happy.

From what we've seen you're very fashion-forward, is this something else that's very important to you?

Thank you! I wouldn't say being "fashion-forward" is very important to me. I've just always appreciated self expression through personal style. Fearlessness, I guess is what's always fashion-forward... and it may be a bit of that in the way I choose to express myself that some people connect with. The average person just thinks I celebrate Halloween every day. Not entirely untrue.

When I shop I just look for things that "speak to me". Even if I'm being styled for a specific project, I just know what's a no-go for me and what feels right. Can't be afraid when it comes to fashion.

I think some people underestimate the power of personal style.

What should we expect from you in the coming months?

The music video for my new single 'Jilted' will premiere in a few weeks.

I'm working with an incredible new team and we're taking a huge risk, definitely working outside of the box. I'd say expect that video, and more new material in the coming months.

Moxiie's new single is out now.

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