Irish model, television personality and singer Nadia Forde has this year released an incredible charity single, 'Haunted', with proceeds helping to raise awareness of cancer and going towards the Marie Keating Foundation.

We caught up with Nadia to find out why the Foundation is close to her heart, what she hopes to get out of her music career and more - read on to find out what she had to say.

Nadia Forde
Nadia Forde

Tell us about your new charity single 'Haunted', and why the Marie Keating Foundation is close to your heart.

'Haunted' is a song I wrote about my mum when I found out she was terminally ill. It's a song that discusses pain and fear. Originally, I was nervous for people to hear it as it was so personal but I think everyone has experienced loss so they can relate. I love the work the Marie Keating Foundation do... they help cancer patients and families dealing with cancer. Having just experienced it in my own life I now realise how important their work is.

What is it that you love about the world of music?

I just love that music has the ability to change your mood or you hear a song that you identify with. I couldn't go a day without listening to something on my iPod just to get me perked up for the day. I also love hearing a song that instantly reminds me of a certain memory or time in my life and there's very few things in life that have the power to do that.

Where do you draw influence and inspiration from for your work?

From other artists and personal experience. The most personal songs are the best I think.

If you could work with anybody going ahead on new music, who would you choose and why?

Oh, that's a hard one. I'd love to work with David Foster as I just love the artists that he has produced and he's behind some of the most memorable songs, for me.

Do you have definitive aims or goals for your music career?

I'm just enjoying myself and loving that I get to work on something that I've such a passion for like music.

You've obviously been an I'm A Celeb contestant - what did you think about the series this year?

I absolutely loved this year's series. I love the show anyway. It's a great family entertainment show and for me, Ant and Dec really make it.

Do you think you'd have been able to cope with some of the arguments that went on this year?

I'm not a very confrontational person so I would've walked away until it calmed down.

Could you have eaten the live spider Ferne ate in the final Bushtucker Trial?

Ferne was so, so brave. I think she has shown a whole new side to her reality TV persona. When you're that hungry and desperate in the jungle you will literally do anything to win stars for camp.

Would you like to do another reality show in the future?

That depends on the style of the show, but never say never!

What's next for you in the coming weeks and months?

Christmas is around the corner and we are facing our first Christmas without my mum so myself and my brother are going to spend it with some family and I'm also back to Dublin to help celebrate their New Year's Eve countdown concert in the 3 arena so I'm excited for that.

Nadia's new single 'Haunted' is available now.

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