Following our interview yesterday with Sunny Andrea, we also got the opportunity to speak to fellow musician and collaborator Natalie Indya West.

Talking all about new track 'Goddess' and much more, she had a lot to say - read on to find out exactly what she has going on...

For those who may not have heard your sound yet, how best would you describe yourself as a musician?

As a musician, I am strongly governed by rock. Being the lead singer in my rock band Indya, and also the songwriter, I find myself obedient to rock and my songs are directed by this genre.

I have been heavily influenced by Royal Blood, James Bay and Lez Zeppelin. I have a unique enduring voice, and many say very similar to Amy Winehouse. I have an energetic, rare voice and was recently labelled the 'Female James Bay' by John Holmes on Radio X! And that 'if you like Royal Blood you will definitely like Natalie Indya West'!

However, when it comes to pop, I am influnced by Madonna, my absolute childhood idol and this does radiate through, especially in 'Goddess'!

Tell us about the new single 'Goddess' and the creative process behind that track.

With my record I wrote 'Goddess', specifically devised for Sunny Andrea. I did not at all find it difficult as I can adapt to any genre, even though I'm a rock artist.

Sunny derives from India and I wanted the track to portray Indian essence as well as a pop record for her. The record is a complete Bollywood excursion with pop fusions. It's haunting, and provides a spiritual Indian ambience in the room when played.

Sunny Andrea reminded me of an Indian princess, a Goddess, hence the title! It's all about an overpowering, devine, sexy Goddess that's no Krishna or a Shiva, it's a shimmer! A potent, beautiful upperhand creature... more than a woman, holier than God, an almighty essence that you can taste, feel and enraptures you through and through.

How important is it for you to maintain creative control over the material you put out?

It's very important for me to have creative control over my records. I have to remain flexible. I cannot just stick to one genre. I have to apply and harmonise with the specific individual. If I lost control in mine, my music would be a shambles!

What was it like working with one another on this song?

Working with Sunny has been terrific! Sunny has a very strong, prominent personality. She is a dominant woman and knows what she wants! She's a business woman and is constantly on the ball and is very driven! I like this about her. She's sharp and doesn't miss a trick! Her persistence in driving the track to success is exactly what I want. She's a lovely, beautiful woman, talented and a pleasure to work with!

What is it about the world of music that you love and drives you to chasing a career?

I am in love wholly, solely, completely with the world of music. I have plugged away for the past 10 years with records I've written and produced! Nothing stops me because it is my love for the music that lifts me and nourishes me as a musician. It is something I could never walk away from even if it just so happened to be a hobby!

I live and breathe music. I am constantly listening to new music and researching and experimenting. Music never stops in my world. It is entrapped in my heart and will always be a prisoner! Music serves me and vice versa! I'm always on a complete joyride with writing new material. The more I hear new material, the more drive I have to better myself as a musician.

If you could work with anybody going ahead on future music, who would you choose and why?

If I could work with anyone on future music I would definitely love to work with Madonna, my idol! I can see an amazing, sexy, raunchy pop collaboration. She oozes the sex appeal that I seek in music! Madonna and I have similarities. My songs portray sex as hers do. My band Indya are rock-infused with eroticism. A spellbinding match!

I would also love to work with East 17 on the pop scene as they are just very cool, and growing up as a kid I loved their music!

I'd also like to work with Reverand and the Makers as they are my fave indie band of all time!

Do you have any definitive aims or goals for your career going forward?

I have definite career goals moving forward. I am working on my rock album with my band called 'Diamond Skulls' and we are doing a UK tour next year called 'SEXYLICIOUS!'

I also have an EP I am doing with The Next Room, collaboration hip-hop with messed-up rock!

I hope to work further with Sunny Andrea on some more tracks and hopefully collab with other major artists!

I'm a DJ on Southstar Radio and I hope to further my DJ career. I am involving a lot of celebs already in my shows, I've had Jingles from Jools Holland, Alexandra Burke, Reverend and the Makers, Harry Enfield and Vanessa Feltz... oh and Rhod Gilbert! They're all getting to know me and they listen to my shows!

'Goddess' is available now on iTunes at