For those who haven't yet heard your sound, how best would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would describe my sound as fun-loving pop, a reflection of me as a person.

How long have you known that music is the career path you wanted to tread down?

Since the age of five.

What is it about music that you love so much?

I love that music has such an impact on people's lives. Music is a great way of expressing yourself in every situation.

Where do you draw inspiration and influence from for your material?

Michael Jackson is my idol, however I try to write music that people no matter what age can relate to.

How important is it for you to maintain creative control over the work you produce?

If I didn't have control in what I do, the feel and meaning to any song I write would be lost.

You've got some big name fans such as Prince Harry - what have been some of your favourite experiences in your career to-date?

The whole experience is amazing, I have loved every single minute of my career so far. I love meeting people along my journey and making people smile. However, I'm still learning a lot about the industry so every experience is different and I love it!

If you could work with anybody going forward on new music, who would you choose and why?

I would love to work with Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Both artists are truly inspirational and produce great music!

Tell us about your new single 'Oh I' and why you chose to release this track.

My single 'Oh I' is a fun, catchy song, perfect for the summer. 'Oh I' is about not knowing how to tell your crush that you like them.

You're open about being badly bullied at school, tell us about that time and how you got through it.

It wasn't easy. I didn't want to go to school, I didn't want to do anything, but I still went to school and stuck up for others who were getting bullied.

Every day I put a smile on my face and showed them whatever they threw my way, it didn't bother me. I was hiding behind a mask every single day, and music was my way to express myself. Music was my escape from reality.

I started writing my own songs. My confidence grew and something inside of me said, 'Robyn, don't let them win'. I went to school with my new positive attitude and it worked, nothing bothered me until they got a teacher involved, who then threw a book at me in front of the class full of bullies. My confidence shattered and I was back to square one.

I remember coming home crying every day, but what good was that? I was letting them win.

I then made myself a mood board with a quote in the middle saying, 'A positive mind leads to positive outcomes', and I would say this to myself every day, and to this day I still do.

It worked. I went to school. No matter hwat they threw at me, I made [it] into a positive and I managed to get my A in my A Levels in the one lesson I refused to let them bully me out of. I believe everything happens for a reason, good or bad.

Being bullied wasn't the best experience life could have thrown at me, but it made me the person I am today. Those bullies made me work harder just to prove to them I will succeed in life. I now have three mood boards with what I want to achieve in life.

What tips do you have for youngsters who may be experiencing this sort of thing?

If there is anyone out there reading this who is getting bullied, I just want you to know that, everything will be OK. Keep your head up high and stay strong. Remember who you are and don't let anyone take that away from you! I would recommend making a mood board filled with positive quotes and life dreams, they really do work! Always talk to someone; as hard as it may be, talking about it will make things easier.

What else should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

Well, I have performances coming up in Kent, Redbridge and in Warrington, interviews, radio, so much is going on! 'Oh I' is released on July 13 followed with my very first music video, which is really exciting.

Finally, what are some of your big goals and aspirations going forward?

I would love to travel all around the world with my music. I would love to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York. I would also love to perform at Hollywood Palladium! I've always wanted to go to LA and New York. I hope to inspire more people both young and old to make music and express themselves.

Robyn Regan's fantastic new single 'Oh I' is released on July 13 - keep up to date with the latest on Twitter @RobynLouRegan, on Facebook at or on YouTube at

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