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Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever has returned, with the release of her first new song of 2013 in the form of ‘Where’s the Fun’, which she released for free at the end of April. Coming almost a year after her critically acclaimed ‘Great Expectations’ EP, it's only the start of her plans for 2013.

We risked the wrath of the cabin crew and grabbed a few minutes of her time as she was taxiing on the runway on her way to LA to talk about her new song, plans for the upcoming album and the differences between American and UK audiences.

Your new song ‘Where’s the Fun’ is out now, so what can you tell us about it?

Well, basically, it all started with my main co-writer Chris, who’s sat right next to me, at least seven years ago. Back then we were using hacked, crummy software to make demos and throw ideas back and forward to each other. Chris demoed it and somehow sounded like Axl Rose, which I thought was amazing and I knew then that I just had to do that song. It’s literally taken all of this time to actually finish the tune. We recorded it last year in LA, which was spectacular.

How come you decided to make this a free download rather than a normal release?

Well, to be honest, we spent that much time in the States last year and didn’t really give anything back to the fans hear. We didn’t really do any gigs here because we were back and forth to America and didn’t do a major release. I just thought that it would just be a nice thing to do and a nice way to thank the people over here who’ve stuck around and haven’t got bored waiting to hear new stuff.

Tell me about the video, as it’s got a really unique feel to it.

Chris is the man who starts the video and I can tell you two weeks ago he came to me and said “You have to cut the close up of my face out” (laughs). It was the day he’d quit smoking bless him and he was stood there in the rain at six in the morning wearing a high-vis vest. The worst thing was that the proper road sweepers showed up and asked him to move on! The way we do things is very organic, so it’s all just family and friends.

We just wanted to do something a little bit tongue in cheek and funny as when Chris first came up with the chorus, he was working in Tescos. I still tease him about this to this day. He started there as a temp and ended up running girls’ clothing for the entirety of Tescos. There was a time when for my birthday we went to a fancy dress party, slept in my car and I dropped him off at work at 6am dressed as Papa Lazarou from The League Of Gentlemen.

Any word on a new album anytime soon?

Absolutely! We’re doing the EP because we have about 8 songs finished, we’re just tweaking a couple of mixes. We wanted to hold out on the album as we’re literally just back on our way to LA and we’re going to be doing more writing and producing out there. I think there’s at least three of four tracks waiting to be collected as it were from the creative stalk.

You’re playing a showcase in LA when you get over there, excited about that?

I am. Especially when we get past take-off, as we’re both terrible flyers. I’ll definitely be excited tomorrow!

You’ve been playing a lot in the US, so what difference is there in American and British audiences?

It’s a massive difference. I guess the main difference is that in the UK we’re spoon-fed our music with radio and TV. In America, if you want to listen to blues or rock, you’ve got all those different radio channels. There’s pretty much a station for everything. Over here we don’t have that. I think that over there they might be slightly more open to different kinds of music and in that American happy-clappy way, they’re much more supporting of you on stage.

So, finishing off, what can you tell us about the rest of your year?

It’s totally new and fresh. I’m so excited about the new stuff. I don’t know if I’m supposed to our yet, but I’ll tell you that the album title will be ‘Attack Of The Six Foot Woman’. That title kind of sums it up really. Watch the trailer for the old film ‘Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman’ and you’ll pretty much get everything I’m on about (laughs).


Scarlette’s new track ‘Where’s The Fun’ gone is available to download now.

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