Sophie Ellis-Bextor

She wowed the crowds on Strictly Come Dancing and now she's been popped onto the edge of space in a brand new Walkers campaign.

We talk to Sophie Ellis-Bextor about her zero gravity flight, working with the stars on Strictly and her new material.

You recently got involved in the campaign for new Walkers Pops, how was the experience of being 'air popped' in zero gravity?

(laughs) Actually, you know what? The zero gravity thing was incredible and when Walkers Pops approached me it was a bit of a no-brainer really, because I already knew I liked the crisps but I also thought it was great to do something so unique. I mean, I actually don't know anyone else who's done it (laughs) except for the people that did it that day with me, and it's really not comparable to anything else. You're just floating about like a bubble inside the plane. It's extraordinary.

So would you reccommend it to other people?

I really would actually. I mean, if they're someone that likes trying new things - it's definitely up there as one of the best experiences I've had in terms of you know - it's unlike anything else.

There's 50% less fat in Walkers Pops - why would you say it's important for people to make healthier choices nowadays?

Not just nowadays - it's good to be healthy in whatever era I'd say (laughs). I suppose most people like feeling happy and healthy and active, and I also love eating. I think food is one of life's pleasures so, it's good to be able to enjoy yourself and not have it resting too heavy on your conscience I suppose. I don't own scales but I like being healthy by and large, but sometimes you've gotta indulge things too.

You were recently a finalist in Strictly Come Dancing - how did you find that whole experience?

Oh it was lovely. It was really special. I knew when I went into it that I already liked dancing and I liked music, but I sort of fell in love with it on a new level really when I was doing Strictly, because you get to indulge those passions every day, and it was such a nice group of people, and so exhilarating. Nerve-wracking, but also fun - I haven't really learnt new skills since I left school so, it was quite incredible really.

I saw you did the Charleston with Brendan Cole at his show, so is dancing something you continue to do?

It's quite hard to put a quick-step into every day life (laughs) as much as I'd love to! I've always loved dancing but normally to me dancing is something you do to let your hair down, and no-one tells you afterwards if you were any good or not. I seem to have slotted back into that style of dancing! (laughs) It's funny because I thought I might have improved but I'm actually identical! (laughs) But let's see, if anyone asks me to Foxtrot I'll have to see if I can really do it. I think I can, but maybe I can't...

Well how does it feel now to be going back into music?

Well lovely. Whilst I was very much having a great time on Strictly, I did start to really miss the singing by the end because it's probably the longest I've gone without singing for a few years really. So yeah, it's been nice to go back to the day job and get a new album out, because it's still not lost on me. It's still a bit of a moment when you bring a new album out you know? Even if your career's really long it's still an event, so right now it's special.

You're heading out on tour in April, so what can fans coming to those shows expect?

I've got the same band touring with me as the guys that recorded the album. I'll always sing songs like 'Murder On The Dancefloor' and 'Groovejet', they come with me everywhere, and a lot of songs from my other albums, but it's exciting to have the new album to play with and obviously it's a slightly different sound to me so that seemed quite cool.

Have you missed touring?

Yeah, the tours are always special because it's fun to get out on the road and really get to just bed down and do the gigs, and get the gigs really honed, and get to do the songs every night so, as well as obviously the live crowd. I mean, I do one-off shows all the time but, the touring is more - you can get into more of a little routine, and it's quite fun being - it's a bit like being a student again or something, you can get up to some hijinks!

How would you say it is balancing your personal life with your working life?

Well, I've been a mum now for nearly a decade so I'm more used to being a mother who works than I was before I had kids really. It's sort of all we know really, I think the kids are pretty used to it. They come to see me on tour, they come to festivals. They're used to the fact my weeks are always a different shape each week, so sometimes I can pick them up from school and take them to school and other times I might be away for a couple of days. Yeah, we just make the most of the family time whenever we have it.

Finally, what should we expect from you in the rest of 2014?

For the rest of 2014, it's really dominated by the album because that's my priority, so they'll be this single then maybe a couple more, then more touring, more festivals and I guess better start thinking about the next album.

I am also supporting WWFs Earth Hour campaign coming up on March 29, taking place at 8.30pm.  Earth Hour is an amazing annual global event where everyone is encouraged to switch off their lights in support of our planet for the hour. This year i will be helping switch off the lights on the Southbank, London, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm and performing in the evening which is really exciting!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor looks out of this world in zero gravity enjoying new Walkers Pops, the air-popped snacks with full-on taste, yet 50% less fat. For more information go to

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