Making a welcome return to the live forum this year with their first tour in over four years, The Bluetones are back to play some of their greatest hits to their biggest fans in the UK.

Credit: Paul Heartfield

Credit: Paul Heartfield

Female First got the chance to put some questions to charming frontman Mark Morriss, who talked all about what's coming up in the next few months, being a part of the Brit Pop era and more.

You guys have been together for 20 years now - what would you say are some of your best memories from being in the band?

I'll always remember the time we first visited Japan, and the moment as we were flying in to land, the clouds parted and there was the Japanese coast looming below us. It all felt very dream-like. Yet here we were, rocking all over the world.

What would you say were some of the biggest challenges you faced in the early stages of your career?

Hair issues, mainly. We didn't have the high quality gels and mousses a lot of these young artists take for granted! It was Brylcreem or egg-whites.

You'll be touring for the first time in four years in September to celebrate that milestone - what should fans coming to the dates expect?

We'll be rolling out a lot of the old favourites on these dates, so hopefully a crowd-pleasing set. I expect we'll also be able to take advantage of some of the incredible hair styling products that have arrived on the market in our absence, and right some of the wrongs from our past.

Is touring something you've always enjoyed?

Very much so, yes. What is a musician without an audience? Little more than a melodic onanist.

Will there be another big break following this tour?

The plan is to spend what we earn from these dates and then reform again. Spend that. Reform. Spend that. Until people cotton on.

You were a big part of the Brit Pop era, what can you tell us about that time and your experiences in it?

It was a time of problem hair. Tangles. Dryness. Flakey scalps. Monobrows.

What do you think of the music industry and popular artists in the modern day?

I hate them all. Particularly the successful and attractive ones, because that should be me up there getting all the acclaim. All the love. Me. What have they got that I haven't? (Don't answer that).

Is there any plans for new music from The Bluetones going forward?

At this stage no. We may well find that we are now s**t. It could happen. But hey, never say never. We haven't even discussed the possibility. At this stage we're all just jazzed to be alive, healthy, and fully furnished follically.

What's next for you following the tour?

More touring, would you believe? I've a solo album out in a few weeks time ('The Taste Of Mark Morriss', on Acid Jazz Records) so I'll be 'hitting the road' at some point to promote/relegate that. And then there's Matt Berry and The Maypoles of which I am a member. We'll be playing the Royal Albert Hall (oh yes!) in late September, and then touring the UK in December. It never bloody ends, I tell you.

The Bluetones embark on their 20th anniversary UK tour this September, between Sept 16 and Sept 27. See full dates below and get tickets by ringing 0844 871 8803 or 0844 576 3000 for the Portsmouth show.


  • Wed 16th LEEDS - O2 Academy
  • Thurs 17th GLASGOW - O2 ABC
  • Fri 18th NEWCASTLE - O2 Academy
  • Sat 19th MANCHESTER - Ritz
  • Wed 23th PORTSMOUTH - Pyramids
  • Thurs 24th LONDON - Forum
  • Sat 26th BIRMINGHAM - O2 Academy
  • Sun 27th BRISTOL - O2 Academy

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