The DuBarrys

How did you all meet and come together as The DuBarrys?

We all happened to move into the same flat for uni without knowing each other, and from there we just started jamming cover/original songs and thought: 'let's start a band'!

Has music always been a passion for you all?

Yeah, couldn’t imagine doing anything else if it isn’t music related.

You recently released a second song from your forthcoming debut EP - what should we expect from the unheard tracks?

Expect a mix of our sound. We didn't want every song to have the same sound.

How have you found the response to your music so far?

It’s been sweet, always a nice feeling having people you don’t know contacting you telling you they’ve taken the time to listen to us!

Where do you draw influence or inspiration from for your work?

We could talk for hours on this question, but to give you a simple answer, we have all sorts of inspiration, from past to present, acts such as: Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Mac Demarco, War On Drugs & Tame Impala.

I guess where we live in Brighton is an influence also, depending on the day, what we’ve seen.

Is this a very collaborative group or is there one or two of you who like to take charge?

We are very collaborative, always bouncing ideas off of each other.

What have been some of your favourite career moments so far?

Playing the Isle Of Wight Festival, supporting King Charles and playing a few shows over in Spain have been pretty amazing.

Do you have a definitive aim for your career?

To keep writing songs and to make this a full time career.

If you could work with anyone going forward, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Mac Demarco, we’re really into his latest album.

Finally what's next for The DuBarrys?

To release the E.P and we’ll be bringing out a few sessions that we’ve done over the past month, and to also bring out another music video. And finally to gig as much as possible!

For more information on The DuBarrys including live shows throughout October, check out their website at

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