Union J surprised fans over the weekend by getting them to join them on-stage and perform live in celebration of the launch of SingStar: Ultimate Party on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

At the event Female First had the opportunity to put some questions to the boys who are preparing for the official release of their new single 'You Got It All' later this month, and their second studio album.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming second album that we haven't heard yet?

I just think it's quite a big album, it's got quite a lot of songs on it, and all the songs are quite varied. Obviously we're going down the route of ballads and big-singing songs which are really vocal, but there's a big mix of songs in there that would suit everyone.

How different is the process of creating this new album now you've signed with Epic Records?

It's been totally different. The first album we recorded, we came off The X Factor, and I think on the Monday we were told we had a record deal, on the Tuesday we were told what the album was and we'd had it recorded in a month or so because it was just a certain amount of songs that people had written for us.

Whereas now because we've written the songs it's taken us since about February, March - we've gone to at least nearer to 80 songs that we've whittled down to get I think 15 for the album. It's just been an amazing process - we've had so much creative reign over this album and that's important because, now it really feels like it's our little baby, so it's been an incredible experience.

What have you found the response like from fans to 'Tonight (We Live Forever)'?

The reaction to 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' was amazing, but we're more excited about the reaction to 'You Got It All' just because we feel like it's a song which really shows us off, shows our vocals off, it's the lane we wanna go down now and the lyrics we hope fans can relate to.

Sing Star: Ultimate Party is available now for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

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