After a whirlwind of success, Vance Joy is scheduled to release his new album in just under two weeks, and we got the chance to catch up with him in a new and exclusive interview.

Vance Joy

Last time we spoke to you was just before 'Riptide' really took off here in the UK - how did it feel for that to be such a huge success?

I am lucky to have had a song that has opened a lot of doors for me. It has meant that people have come to my shows so yeah, that is important for keeping me in a job.

You've toured relentlessly since then and gained scores of new fans - what have been some of your best experiences in the past few months?

I got to play Lollapalooza with my band and that was to the biggest crowd we have ever played to. It was a really memorable day, I felt like we rose to the occasion.

Now you're back with your new single 'First Time' and debut album 'Dream Your Life Away', what creative process went into this new record?

It was a pulling together of all the songs and bits of songs that had been floating around for the last few years. I was touring heaps so had to find time around all that to record. I am really proud of the new stuff. I usually start with a melody and keep my antenna up for ideas and words to put into my songs.

How was the experience of recording the 'First Time' music video?

It was fun! I brought my hacky sack and played with Sing the director in-between takes. The actors were totally beautiful so I had a perv.

If you had to sum up the new album in just a sentence or two, how would you do it?

Lots of colours and flavours and a voice right in your ear.

You mentioned last time we spoke to you that a challenge for you is getting comfortable in your own skin, playing for radio and things like that - is this something that comes more naturally now?

Yeah I think so – I guess that being totally naturally in yourself is a good goal to have through life. Make as little room as possible in your life for bullshit.

How much different is life as a musician to what you'd ever imagined, if at all?

It is busy and [there are] lots of hotels. I don’t know what I envisaged really. Life goes on and I am lucky to have a job that allows me to follow my passion for the song-writing craft.

What advice do you have to young and aspiring musicians who may be struggling to make a name for themselves in the industry?

Just focus on song-writing!

How do you find balancing working and personal life?

Use lots of Facebook chat with my mates from home and stay in touch with some of the details of their lives. Give me the details!

Finally, what should we expect from you going forward?

I think I will do this for hopefully a while. Because 'a while is all we've got', as they say. I want to enjoy life and go fishing when I get the chance outside of music stuff. I want to keep doing what I'm doing.

Vance Joy's 'Dream Your Life Away' is released September 15.

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