Wynne Evans

Wynne Evans

You may know him as the GoCompare tenor that drives you potty whenever he hits the television for an advertisement, but he's now paving his way in the industry as Wynne Evans - a serious contender in the industry.

We got the chance to chat to Wynne about his new album, his career so far and just how people perceive him when they know of his alter-ego.

When was it that you realised you had 'a voice'?

When I was about 7 I realised I had a voice, then my voice just matured gradually - never really broke - just went down bit by bit.

How was the challenge of breaking into such a tough industry?

It was funny because I trained to be an opera singer so when I left college I became a principal at Scottish Opera, [then] moved from there to Welsh National Opera. My career only really became commercial after I auditioned for the GoCompare job.

Your album 'Wynne' is out now - how have you found the reception to it so far?

It's been good, people seem to be enjoying it and that's the main thing.

What can first time listeners expect?

Very accessible songs that will be pretty instant I would have said. And lots of tunes that you'll recognise. Hopefully - good singing as well.

How has the role as tenor on the GoCompare advertisements affected your life?

It's totally changed my life and my career - before the ad I just sang opera - now I present my own show on BBC Radio Wales and Classic FM. I have my own TV series about to start on S4C plus I'm now a recording artist. This all coupled with the fact that I'm still working as an opera and concert singer.

How do people perceive you when they know you're that character?

It's funny because the initial reaction is one of disbelief, simply because the character is so famous. It usually ends with a picture and them singing the tune at me!

What have been some of the greatest moments of your career to-date?

Loads! I don't really know where to start...

Singing as a principal at the Royal Opera House is still my career highlight. The record industry has sold us so many opera singers that have never sung an opera over the last decade. I'm incredibly proud to be a recording artist who is also working in opera houses around the world. I love doing my radio show at the moment so that's something I'd love to do more of.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you can shed some light on?

About a year ago I decided to learn Welsh, so I'm immensely pleased that this winter I'll present my own tv show in Welsh! It's going to be about amateur dramatics which is where my career started. Also the new album is a really exciting project to be involved in.

'Wynne' is out now through Classic FM.

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